The Blue Lagoon Ending Explained: Were They Alive or Dead?

blue lagoon ending explained
Blue Lagoon (1980)

Survival movies have always been quite a hit with the audience for a long time. The Blue Lagoon is primarily considered a survival movie, however, throughout the years, people have also pointed out that there are more aspects to the movie, than just survival. The movie was released in 1980, and it could not make much impact on the theatres. However, years later when the movie was seen by the audience, people had brought to attention certain things that were considered to be problematic. The movie also faced a bit of criticism and controversy. If you could not understand the movie’s ending, here is Blue Lagoon Ending Explained.

It was quite understandable that the movie did not get many ratings because of the weak plot. Many critics consider the screenplay writer Douglas Day Stewart and the director Randal Kleiser were unable to portray what they had meant to show. It was supposed to be a family-friendly movie, which depicted how two children survive in the wild. However, there were a lot of aspects questioned in the movie.

The Blue Lagoon Plot

Before we get to the ending explained, we will recap the plot. The movie is inspired by the novel of the same name written by Henry De Vere Stacpoole back in 1908. Hence, if you feel a lot of aspects are absurd or outdated, it was because the story was originally set in the Victorian Age. Anyway, the story starts when Richard and Emmeline, along with their cool Paddy gets stranded on a deserted island. Paddy is there to give them certain laws to help them survive, however, he soon dies due to drinking too much alcohol. Now, it is all up to both of them to survive on that island.

blue lagoon ending explained
A scene from The Blue Lagoon.

Years pass by, and the kids grow up to be teenagers and to be adults. What follows is both of them trying to understand their bodies, as they have no clue what is going on. Emmeline gets her periods, but could not understand why she was bleeding. All of this keeps continuing until both the cousins feel attracted to each other. This was quite a controversial part, as it portrayed cousins having a baby together. However, the novel was set in the Victorian age, and then it was quite common for first and second cousins to be even married to each other for the family inheritance.

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The Blue Lagoon Ending Explained

However, certain things could have made it a better movie. THey could have tried to show more interactions with the natives and the main protagonist. The fact that most of the movie was focused on the main characters’ growing interest in each other, made it more romantic than survival. Another thing that the modern-day audience does not like is how the natives are portrayed. However, we can assume that the team was trying to go by the novel and the Victorian age people barely had any ideas about the natives. All of these were the reasons why the movie did not take off with the mainstream audience. The movie has a very small following and there is a small group that enjoy the movie.

blue lagoon ending explained
A scene from the movie.

Now for the Blue Lagoon Ending Explained, the movie ends with Richard and Emmeline stranded on a boat with their baby and surrounded by sharks. They soon find out that their baby has eaten the red berries which were supposed to be toxic. Thinking that he died, both of them also eat the berries, and they lie down. Soon enough they are discovered by Richard’s father, whom they were avoiding cause the island had become their home. However, the viewers feel that the couple might be dead by now, in a twist, we witness the Captain finding out that they are not dead, but just sleeping. This was quite a tragic end to the story, and yet we cannot say it is a bad one.

We do not know what happens next, do they live together, or will separate because of society. There was a sequel movie to this, however, if we were to go for the novel, then it ended right where The Blue Lagoon ended.

You can watch the movie, here