The Beginning After The End Chapter 122: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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The Beginning After The End

Arthurs encounter with the geezer begins with The Beginning After The End Chapter 122. Lance Alea’s death happened in front of Arthur. From the recent, The Beginning After The End Chapter, Arthur and the girls enjoyed traveling around and went to Aunt Tabitha’s favorite store. He wonders if they could get a store around that sells training materials. Aunt Tabitha asks if he is talking about elixirs, and there is one near the corner.  The girls enjoy changing Slyvie’s costumes. They decided to remain, and Arthur headed out alone. Arthur realizes that he left Sylvie. He walks alone in the street and realizes that he has passed a hooded guy.

Later, Arthur passes by Lance Alea’s grave and pays his respect. After that, he arrived at the store that Aunt Tabitha told him about and noticed that it seemed like no one stayed there. Arthur wonders if this store sells potions and medicines and sees that the shop looks home to diseases and poisons. When he stepped in, he heard an old geezer asking him for some money. Arthur wonders why he couldn’t sense the geezer. The geezer asks him why he is reacting like he saw a ghost, but he is a mere older man asking for some change.

Arthur agrees and checks his pocket, and wonders how this geezer ended like this. The geezer saw something and took that money faster before Arthur saw it. Arthur realizes that he accidentally gives the geezer a silver coin. Arthur apologizes, but that geezer vanishes. He heads inside the store and realizes that he has lost a lot of cash. Arthur wonders what the door of the shop is glowing and thinks that it is eating its customers. When he opened the door, he saw the same geezer that had taken his silver coin.

Previously on The Beginning After The End Chapter 121

The geezer is surprised that he has a customer today, and Arthur wonders why since they were both outsides. Arthur told the geezer to give his coin back since he thought he was homeless. The geezer reply that he said he was a mere aged man, and Arthur assumes he was homeless based on his appearance when he looks at him. The geezer told him to take any item of his choice for free. Arthur realizes that it might be suitable trading, and he must pick up something worth his silver coin since the geezer robbed him.

The Beginning After The End

The geezer told Arthur to have a good eye while picking up an item worth a silver coin. Arthur notices that this shop is dirty and wonders how old it is this shop. The geezer replies that manual labor is bad for older people like him, but the shop is good. Arthur walks around the store while checking for something that will attract his eye and impress him. He opens the door to another room and finds an expensive ring, and thinks that it is what he wants.

Arthur notices that this store is full of bobby traps after he dodges one attack. The geezer told him not to worry since it was just water. Arthur thinks that he is getting annoyed and he must leave but not without something worth his money. Sylvie arrives and jumps on top of Arthur’s head, asking him if he left him behind. Arthur told the geezer that he couldn’t find anything, but he would go if he couldn’t give back his money. The geezer looks for something and wonders why he didn’t see it and give him marble. Arthur heads back and meets with the girls.

The Beginning After The End
The-Beginning-After-The End

The Beginning After-The End Chapter 122 Released Date

The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 will be released on Sunday, 26 September 2021. The manga released two chapters in a day, and the aftermath of Lance Alea’s death got revealed in the previous latest chapter. Arthur is enjoying after suffering from her death and the battles they have been through. Do not miss another journey of Arthur in the upcoming chapter of The Beginning After The End manga.

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