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The Beginning After The End Chapter 120: Release Date & Spoilers

The Beginning After The End

Lance Alea’s death begins with The Beginning After The End Chapter 120, with Arthur waking up after an intense battle. The Beginning After The End reveals the life of a wealthy King Grey who lived in a world governed through martial ability. He got reinstated to change the past mistakes and dwells in a world filled with monsters and magic. From the recent chapter of The Beginning After The End, Arthur wakes up and sees his blade wondering what is happening after mysterious white feathers cure his wounds. Arthur wonders if it is a regenerative ability and believes that Sylvia’s Beast works miracles.

He saw the light after pulling his blade and drawing something out of Beast. Arthur realizes that it will be challenging to climb out of the hole even if he uses strength. He heads towards the direction where he hears the sound of water and wonders what it is on the other side. When he arrives, he is surprised to see corpses of warriors all over the ground. Arthur heard someone coughing and wondered if it was an enemy, and he wielded his sword. The voice told him that it needed help and continued to cough.

Arthur rushes to the scene, but he can’t see anyone and ask that person to give him a signal so he can help. A lady said she was here, and when Arthur turned back, he broke down and realized that he knew this lady. The lady has a massive wound and something that is piercing her chest. Arthur learns that it is Alea and calls her name. Arthur recalls all the time he spent with Alea and realizes that she is about to die. He can’t believe that this is happening to Lance Alea, a White Core Mage.

Previously on The Beginning After The End Chapter 119

Arthur knelt and noticed that Lance Alea had lost her legs with a wound on her chest. Alea can’t see who is casting a healing spell and asks who is it. Arthur told her to relax. Alea realizes that this guy knew her before they met. Arthur reveals that he is the boy she met at Xyrus Academy, and she tells her that he is the same age as her brother. Alea remembered him and smiled, realizing that the two had an incredible journey in the past. She reminds him that he is the boy spying on Bairon and wonders how he reached here.

The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

Arthur told her to stop talking since she was hurting herself, and he could concentrate on healing her. Alea holds Arthur’s hand and tells him to stop since he knows she is dying and can’t be saved. Arthur apologizes, and she tells him not to since it is not his fault. Alea said to him that she had been feeling better since he had arrived, and he asked her if he could do something. She shakes her head, and Arthur realizes that this might be her death.

Arthur shed tears wonders how this could happen to her and why she is in this state. Alea wonders if he is asking why she is still alive. She shows Arthur her hands with little magic and sai “HE” keep her alive for this long as revenge. Arthur wonders what is happening, and she dies to show him what has happened using the mana he imbued into her earlier. Alea held him closer to her chest, and he saw what happened during the battle that Alea’s party got defeated. She told him that she was not ready to die.

The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

The-Beginning-After The End Chapter 120 Release Date

The-Beginning-After The End Chapter 120 will be released on Sunday, 19 September 2021. This manga sometimes releases two chapters in a month. Arthur embraced Alice and the white flowers behind her fall. When they touched the ground, her hands touched her ground, But Arthur kept holding on to her. We have no access to The Beginning After The End manga’s official website. Let’s when The-Beginning-After The End releases.

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