The Batman Post Credit Scene Explained: About Cast and Plot

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the batman post credit scenes explained
The Batman Poster(2022)

After Marvel Gave off the best movies for its fan, DC has finally taken the step forward. We know how Marvel works to keep their fans interested DC has finally made a Grand Entrance in this field! Post-credit scenes are something Marvel has been famous for. If you are a marvel fan you need to wait till the end of the Film. Learning from someone, DC has also graced itself with the same. Recently a New DC movie, The Batman’ got released & Fans were on the ninth cloud. However, many couldn’t understand the end scenes. After watching 176 Minutes long film and waiting patiently to watch the credits, still not being able to get it! That is unfair, right. In this Article, The Batman Post Credit Scenes are Explained’ keep reading and wonder, What Will Happen in the sequel?

Batman is an American Superhero Movie from DC comic world. It is based on how a billionaire turns into a superhero to save his city from supervillains. The City Gotham Psychotic Killer is on release & he keeps leaving Clues for Batman to find him. However, it soon turns into Mouse and Cat game. The only goal for Batman is to unmask the killer, stop him and provide justice to the innocents. However, the question is ‘Will the Batman succeed?’ The Cast of the Batman Consists of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman; Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle/ Cat Woman; Paul Dano as Edward Gaston/ The Riddler and Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon. The film got released on 4th March 2022. Major Spoiler Alert!

The Batman’s Plot:

The Batman gets introduced by saying,’ There’s a new Bat in town & he’s tough on Crime’ Short and Impressive! Meanwhile, we notice Gotham Police’s sensitivity towards uprising crimes and corruption in the Town. Meanwhile, the City’s Mayor was killed by a Sadistic criminal, The Riddler on Halloween eve. He leaves a clue behind for Batman However the police Commissioner denies Batman to end the Crime Scene. What happens when you stand between the villain and hero fight? Yes, You get murdered just like GCPD Commissioner. 

the batman post credit scenes explained
The Batman and Catwoman

The Riddler leaves another clue for Batman. After solving the clue with the help of Lieutenant James Gordon. Batman discovers the pictures of the Police commissioner with a girl named Annika. Later, he questions at the Lounge and discoversAnnika’s roommate, Selina works there. Through her, Batman discovers that the police commissioner is paid by a Powerful mobster, Falcone. In the Meantime the Mayor’s Funeral, the Riddler sets a time bomb and threatens to kill everyone if his riddles aren’t solved. After not answering the third question of the Riddler, Colson gets killed. In the Meantime, Selina discovers her roommate’s dead body.

After following another clue of the Riddler, Batman ends up in an Orphanage built by his Parents. The Riddler grew up in the Orphanage and hated Bruce’s parents. He informs Bruce’ how his parents hired Falcone to kill a journalist. After the death of his parents, he targeted Bruce out of jealousy. In the meantime, Bruce’s caretaker Alfred gets hospitalized after receiving a letter bomb. Bruce asks Alfred about the truth he confirms that his parents Hired Falcone to threaten the journalist But, after hearing about the murder, his father decided to arrest Falcone. To avoid jail, Falcone killed his parents. Meanwhile, Selina also opens up her secret and reveals that Falcone is her father. 

the batman post credit scene
The Batman

Selina as Catwoman’ arrives as the Louge to kill Falcone but Batman stops her and gets Falcone arrested. In the Meantime, The Riddler’s identity is revealed, as a forensics accountant Edward Nashton. He is gets arrested and is sent to Arkham State Hospital, where he revealed how he wanted to become Batman’s partner. Bruce storms out from the hospital only to discover that he had stationed Car bombs all around the city. One of the bombs destroys the Breakwaters making the city in deep waters. After saving Mayor-Elect, Selina leaves the city. In the meantime, the Riddler makes a new friend inside. 

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The Batman Post Credit Scene Explained:

After Selina leaves the city and the Batman Alone to save Gotham city. In the Batman post-credit scene, there is a repeat occurrence of a Green Coded Question mark following the Good-Bye message. But there are also glimpses of a website link at the Last. So, basically without giving any Scenes or little glimpses of what will happen next. Do they provide a link to a website? You might think that’s dumb, well before visiting the link, my thoughts were also the same. 

the batman post credit scene explained
The Post credit scene, Question Mark

The Link is the same as the Dark website’ Riddler used in the Film. After visiting the website you need to answer three riddles based on the Movie & if you give correct answers, you’ll be rewarded with the Unseen pictures of Batman. Unique and addictive. Whoever gave this business idea needs a reward! After visiting the Link, you’ll feel like solving the riddles as Batman did in the Film. It gives you a feeling of being a part of and trying to help Batman. You can use this site as many times as you want just to be safe before the Link gets crashed with the fan’s love. The Website is You have to visit this site, as it feels like you are talking to the Riddler. So, if you are a true DC fan You got This!

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