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The All Round Wife Episode 21: Release Date & Spoilers

The All Round Wife Episode 21
The All Round Wife Episode 21

Another week with the episodes full of ‘The All Round Wife’ and things are going to get serious in episode 21. After the huge scene at home, with Cho Hee’s mom slapping her and mother-in-law accusing her of cheating. She left the house and was crying, sitting in the park. Wondering how and when did the things go wrong. While Nam Goo is in the house with a blank mind, hearing his mother calling his wife a cheater. As he apologizes to her for not believing her before, Ri An comes back home after having a day out with Pa Ran.

Cho Hee’s mother returns home, having no energy, while Bo Ri is practicing guitar. Entering her room, her mother starts crying, not believing that her daughter would do anything like this. As her aunt comes in, Bo Ri asks about what happened at Cho Hee’s place. While her mother is on the bed, Bo Ri and her aunt tries to make her eat. But the shock of Cho Hee cheating on her husband was too much. That she is on the verge of disowning her own daughter. While Cho Hee goes to Sun Hae’s house, asking her if she could stay there for a few days. Sun Hae sends her to sleep as she was tired.

The All Round Wife Episode 21

The All Round Wife Episode 21

Seul A is on her part-time work at the dry cleaner near ‘Sister’s Side Dish’ when Kang Rim sees her delivering clothes on her cycle. He gets a call from Sun Hae asking about Cho Hee, as she tries to get to know why Cho Hee is not going home. Saying he doesn’t know anything, he gets ready to leave. But Bo Ri comes out making for a ride and telling him what went down at Cho Hee’s house. Taking in the new information about his sister, Kang Rim leaves for work, leaving Bo Ri behind.

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At The Office

The rumors of Cho Hee having an affair are already running throughout the office. People are talking on the office forum while Cho Hee is in the office with the CEO, who is dropping her off from her own project. And justifying with the excuse of company’s reputation. Even though Cho Hee stands for herself but remains unsuccessful and leaves the office disappointed. Sitting outside, the events from the last night plays in her mind as she sits there crying. Getting a call from Eui Kyung, she gets to know her team is looking for her. As she reminds her of the meeting, Cho Hee says she’ll be there in a while. As Jae Min leaves the room for a break, her colleagues are back at it again, talking about the affair.

The All Round Wife Episode 21

The All Round Wife Episode 21

On her way back, Cho Hee sees some mother picking their kids from school. Having the thoughts of being a stay-at-home mom, she naps back into reality with the dream of moving to Gangnam. Seeing a baseball rink in front of her, Cho Hee gets in to play, trying to change her mood. But fails miserably to hit any ball, she keeps on trying. People start to gather, looking at her, trying so hard. And she finally ends up hitting the last ball, with everybody cheering for her. As she makes her way back to the office, she finds Jae Min waiting for her.

The All Round Wife Episode 21 Release Date and Where To Watch?

The All Round Wife Episode 21 will release on November 1, 2021. The upcoming episode will be available to watch on Rakuten Viki and KBS World. With the upcoming episode, Cho Hee is reviving herself. As Jae Min apologizes about the treatment, she has been getting because of him. Cho Hee is determined to strike people who are judging her on the baseless rumors. While Sa Rang and her father get excited when they hear Goo A come in for the lesson. On her way to the room, Sa Rang asks about the next field trip, making Won Joo question. As Goo A tries to change the topic by saying she’ll give Sa Rang a tour of her university. Won Joo tries to guess about the restaurant receipt she found from her husband’s bag.

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