The 100 Season 6 Return: Everything You Need To Know


Hey guys in this post we’ll talk about the hype surrounding the works of Season 6 series that goes by the name of ‘The 100’. What can you say about a show that drops massive cliffhangers on us? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In the finale episode of ‘The 100‘, we saw that the characters had all woken up from a 60-year-old long sleep and were on a new Planet altogether. This is the point where the series ended leaving us high and dry.

The 100 is one of the respectable Sci-Fi shows. It was announced in May 2018 that ‘The 100’ series would get another season to its addition. Season 5 as you may know ended just a few days back. Since then fans have stopped speculating at what could/ would happen in season 6 of The 100. Alright then, let’s get right into the speculations.

The 100 Season 6 Return:

Damocles Part 2 or Season 5 finale isn’t a distant memory. Like I said before, it just happened. It awed us with everything it had to offer. CW has already hinted that The 100 would be getting a 7th Season if possible. I say bring it on! According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, a seventh season is a high possibility. Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg’s plan too was mentioned about by Mark Pedowitz. Mark mentioned about Jason’s plans of doing something beyond Season 5. “I don’t know if I’m allowed even to say that, that he has a plan beyond year five, but he does.”

The 100 Season 6 Release Date:

As you may know that the series typically starts in the early half of the year, January or February to be precise. 2018 was an exception to the rule though. Season 5 of the series came out in April. Should Season 6 be expected in January/ February or will it air in April? Nothing concrete about the air date has been said as of now. Express did a report where it mentioned that the series might come back next spring.

The 100 Season 6: Plot

Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg in his words spoke of a whole new adventure for the show’s future. He further said, “I did have an endpoint in mind, and that endpoint has been reached, and yet we broke a whole new story wide open. When this season comes to an end, it sets up a whole new adventure in a way that surprised me.

We do keep reinventing the show every year — every year is a new adventure, a new set of bad guys, a new set of goals for our heroes. So as long as we’re blessed enough to make it… I think the twist at the end of this season is bigger than anything we’ve done in the past, let’s put it that way. It could set us up for a long run.” With a new Planet, common-sense suggests that the show is going to digress from its storyline.

The 100 Season 6 Cast:

Most of the characters are expected to be back to reprise their roles for Season 6. Karma Daniels is listed on IMDB as a new character for the show. Daniels will be portrayed by Olivia DiNino. I wouldn’t be cent percent sure of a source like IMDB. It’s not a platform that reports accurate facts at certain times. So let’s just wait before we make up our mind on Daniels.


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