The 100 Season 6 – Is it Renewed?

The 100 is currently in works for its Season 6. Filming for Season 6 is currently a work in Progress. Just over the summer, 5th Season to The 100 ended. CW wasted no time in renewing The 100, just before the start of the summer. Season 5 of the show ended in August and fans can barely wait for another Season to air. The 100 is a sci-fi drama that keeps the audiences hooked and on their toes for the awe it exudes.

There isn’t just the news of Season 6, President CW Network, Mark Pedowitz also spoke of how CW was thinking of a Season 7 of the show. At the Television Critics Association Mark hinted that executive producer Jason Rothenberg might have a six or a seven-year plan to do it.

The 100 Season 6: Release Date

Given that the announcement was made fairly recently, we do not have any concrete news regarding the air date. Nevertheless, The 100 is slated to come out in the year 2019. If one were to go by the traditional air pattern, one observes that it typically airs either in January or February of a year. Season 5 however was an exception. It aired in April 2018.

I would place my bet on any month between January to May of 2019. From behind the scenes footages looks like a lot of hard work is going into The 100 Season 6. And as for the fans of the series, Season 6 won’t be the last of it.

The 100 Season 6: Trailer

No, we do not have a trailer not a teaser of the show yet. It’s too early a stage to expect one. What we do have are behind the scene pics of the show which show runner Jason Rothenberg tweeted out last night. He captioned one of the photos as, “Welcome to the new world. To the new world. Welcome to the new world.” (Radioactive, Imagine Dragons)

Jason Rothenberg The 100

The 100 Season 6: Cast

Monty and Harper died in Season 5 finale, of old age. So I am assuming Christopher Larkin, and Chelsey Resit won’t be back. Also, Henry Ian Cusick has been cast as a regular on The Passage so we won’t be seeing much of him either. At the same time, Cusick did confirm his presence on The 100 at TCA Press Tour.

Amongst the regulars, we will be seeing:

Eliza Taylor as Clarke, Bob Morley as Bellamy, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia, Lindsey Morgan as Raven, Paige Truco as Abby, Adina Porter as Indra, Tasya Teles as Echo, and Lola Flanery as Madi.

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