Teen Titans Season 6: Release Date, News Updates and Cast

Teen Titans was an animated series that ran from 2003 to 2006, up until it’s cancellation. Adapted from the DC Comics superhero team that goes by the same name. This children’s animated series was known for its quirky humor, a gripping storyline, and amazing voice-overs and it aired on Cartoon Network. So when it got canceled back in 2006, fans were crushed. Now, as you may know, Teen Titans Go! Movie came out in July 2018 and did pretty well at the Box Office. So that left fans wondering if Teen Titans, the TV show would ever come back.

Tara Strong (one of the voice over artists in the movie) revealed that if the film went well, they would think about Teen Titans Season 6. So today we shall dive straight into all the details about Teen Titans, the TV series, whether or not it’s coming back and if so, when is it coming back. Also before you get confused, you must know that Cartoon Network developed a spin-off the series by the name Teen Titans Go! that came out in 2013 and was appreciated little by the audiences.

Teen Titans Season 6: Release Date

The news of Teen Titans coming back for Season 6 after all these years has sent shockwaves across all corners. I mean who doesn’t want to hear Tara Strong again? Season 6 will pursue storylines of the diverse kind; really we’re looking at an unlimited potential here. The series creators could talk about the characters as teens no more, the wrath of Slade and something about Terra. Just suggestions from my side.

I am here to tell you that the Teen Titans TV series is coming back with a Season 6. It will continue right where Season 5 left off. I am also here to tell you that it is slated to air on Cartoon Network around January, (4th January, rumored date) and is also scheduled to air on Boomerang in January of 2019. I hope the Series revival is a blast from the past, a reminder of our childhood days and nothing less.

Teen Titans Season 6

Teen Titans Season 6: News Updates and Voice Over Artists
There are many voice-over artists on Teen Titan. The chief of them that will be heard for Season 6 are:
Scott Menville as Robin
Hynden Walch as Starfire
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Tara Strong as Raven, Inner Raven, Kitten, Kole, and Teether
Lauren Tom as Gizmo and Jinx
Khary Payton as Cyborg and Herald
Dee Bradley as Wildebeest and Larry
John DiMaggio as Brother Blood
Tom Kenny as Mumbo
Ashley Kenny as Terra
Mark Hamill as Joker
Kevin Conroy as Batman etc

Teen Titans TV Series Season 6 will have 34 episodes. Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura composed the music of TV Series.

Teen Titans Season 6: Plot

I want Control Freak to be back in Season 6 of Teen Titans. He was funny and evil at the same time. My demand: bring back Control Freak for his contagious laughs! We could all use one or two. Besides that Season 6 must also focus on the Tamaranean with a sibling rivalry. Robin, Teraa, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy could be shown in a different light (retaining the basic traits). Slade will come back to Teen Titans without a doubt, and his true identity should also be revealed this time around. His character was known as Deathstroke in the comics but was changed to Slade because it wouldn’t have been suitable for a kid’s show.

Slade served as the main Villain of the show back in Season 2, so a more villainous Slade this time around could be more fun! Terra has a Dopelganger into whom the Beast Boy ran. Beast Boy confuses her with Terra, which angers this girl who only claims to be a high school student. She’s only Terra in my opinion. And Season 6 should see Terra back in the game fighting alongside Beast Boy.

Alright, folks, those are my wishes for what could be spun into a story for Teen Titans Season 6. Be sure to leave below yours!

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