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What To Expect From Taskmaster Season 11 Episode 5?

taskmaster season 11 epsiode 5
Taskmaster season 11

British game show Taskmaster is all ready to air Taskmaster season 11 episode 5. The comedy panel game brings laughter to the audience and restlessness to its contestants. And we are living for that. After 11 seasons, the show is still growing strong and has enormous support from audiences and fans. The last episode was filled with fun, and now the fans are wondering about the plot for Taskmaster Season 11 Episode 5. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a fun one gain. So, let’s go ahead and find out more about it.

Taskmaster is a British comedy panel game show. Musician and comedian, Alex Horne is the creator of the show. He along with Greg Davies also present the show. The concept of the show is simple. In every episode, five celebs (mostly comedians) have to complete a set of tasks, and Alex Horne serves as the judge or the umpire.

Andy Devonshire and Peter Orton work behind the camera as the directors. Whereas Andy Catwright and Alex Horne serve as the producers on the show. Initially, Taskmaster broadcasted on the dAve Network. However, after season 9, it shifted to Channel 4.

taskmaster season 11 epsiode 5

Logo of British Tv game show, Taskmaster (2015)

Taskmaster has always proved to be the best product of British Television. With numerous fans, it also has a tie-in book and a board game. Moreover, countries like Norway, United States, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, and New Zealand have their own version of Taskmasters.

But, for now, let’s focus on the original one and its upcoming episode.

Taskmaster Season 11 Episode 5 Release Date

Taskmaster season 11 episode 5 will release on April 15, 2021. The new episode will have Lee Mack raise some serious questions regarding the cling film. Somehow, that sounds super fun and we can already imagine the audience laughing at it. Moreover, we’ll find Charlotte Ritchie rubbing oil on an insect in episode 5. Last but not least, Jamali Maddix will choke himself on the side desserts.

As crazy as everything sounds, we are not surprised, honestly. Taskmaster always comes up with the craziest tasks for the celeb contestants resulting in unstoppable laughter from the viewers. All of the tasks are waiting for the audience. So, make sure to set reminders for the upcoming episode. Episode 5 is titled ‘Slap and Tong.’ We wonder who will get the slaps, and how exactly tongs will be used here.

Another happy news for the Taskmaster fans. The ‘Taskmaster Champions of Champions’ is coming back in 2021 too. The traditional battle between the winners will continue once again. This time the winners from series six to series 10 will be invited. They will engage in an uncompromising fun fight to get the ultimate winner title.

Taskmaster comes with a new episode every Thursday. You can stream the new episodes on Channel 4’s official website. The new episodes are updated asap after the original cable release. Moreover, you can also stream episode 5 on Taskmaster’s official Youtube channel. The previous seasons of the show are also available Binge, Apple Tv, and SBS OnDemand.

Taskmaster Season 11 Episode 4 Recap

The last episode of Taskmaster was bizarre. We saw Lee Mack terrifying an innocent, whereas Charlotte was climbing the toilet paper. Also, Mike got a new catchphrase for himself. The presenter, Alex Horne also brought bottles with himself to excite the show. Sarah Kendall was the winner of the last episode, and apparently, she has been maintaining her spot as the queen.

taskmaster season 11 epsiode 5

The cast of Taskmaster Season 11 (2021)

Season 11 has ten episodes in total, which means 6 are yet to air. The show will conclude on May 20, 2021. Until then, enjoy the show and maybe you can become a local Taskmaster yourself.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the show cannot have a real audience. But, they use live footage of people laughing for the show.  For now, the conditions are not great in Britain, and all the filming is done under strict rules laid down by the government. We believe the conditions will get better soon, so the Taskmaster can feel the same as before.

Until then, keep reading, and we will make sure to update you with all the new buzz in town.

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