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    Something No One Noticed About Gokū and Vegeta in ToP

    Hey guys. Universe 7 is currently locked in a battle with the warrior from Universe 3. The name of this warrior is Aniraza. The warrior is actually the result of the fusion of the fighters from Universe 3. After Gohan had initially brought them on the verge of elimination, the fused robots turned into something […] More

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    Unexpected Twist, Universe 6 Gets Erased?

    Out of all the participating universes, two of them are already erased. These are Universes Nine and Universe Ten. According to Spoilers, another Universe is about to be erased from the Tournament of Power. However, I believe Universe 6 is Going to be Erased in Episode 118. Universe 6 is the replica universe of Universe 7, being the […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Teased New Fusion

    The description of episode 115 piqued plenty of attention. You can check out the review of “Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” “Fighting Universe 7’s Goku, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale use the “Potara” earrings that Kaioshin’s wear to merge. In Goku vs. Kefla,” Kefla overwhelms him with miraculous power. Observing this, the people from […] More

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    Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

    Universe 7 is one of the most dominant Universes in the Tournament of Power, and along with Universe 6 and Universe 11. Universe 7 has many fitted contestants left. 1. Android 17 2. Android 18 3. Vegeta 4. Son Goku 5. Son Gohan 6. Frieza 7. Piccolo To guarantee their survival, they have to knock out […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed The Real Power Of Kefla, Even Ultra Instinct Is Not Enough

    Dragon Ball Super episode 115 is titled as Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Beaten?! According to Title, Kefla is going to beat Goku SSJ Blue. So the question is how strong is Kefla and how far she can go? Kefla is the fusion Between Kale and Caulifla. Universe 6’s attendant Vados stated that Kefla’s power is […] More

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    The Saiyans Of Sixth Universe Are In Danger

    It is time for Dragon Ball to welcome yet another fusion to its list.Dragon Ball Super set up Kale and Caulifla to fuse, and the preview for next week’s episode revealed the fusion known as Kefura Kale is pronounced Keru and Caulifla is pronounced Karifura. So The “Ke” from Keru and “Fura” from Karifura is combined to becomes Kefura! Now […] More