Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 9 – Nobleman’s Responsibilities Preview And Spoilers

Kirito and Eugeo finally got their own valets in the previous episode of Sword Art Online. Even though they are now second years, there are still being bullied by the nobles because of their commoner status. Things will get intense when Eugeo was challenged by Humbert Zizek in a duel. Here are the spoilers for Sword Art Online season 3 episode 9.

In the previous episode, we are introduced to two new characters, Ronye Arabel and Tiese Shtolienen. After the two left the bag of honey pies, Eugeo convinced Kirito to study for their next exam. Eugeo will bring food to Kirito just so his friend can cram all night while he himself decided to go to the training hall.

Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 9 1

When he reached the training hall, there are two people using it and is already training. The two people are Humbert Zizek and Raios Antinous, the two nobles who harassed Kirito and sliced his flowers. Even though the two is there, Eugeo still decided to go in the training room and ignore them. Be will start his training by striking a practice log and keeping in mind what Kirito told him about the strength of one’s sword. He will claim that the style of Raios and Humbert are using strength a half from their body and a half from their pride.

After finishing his practice, he is once again being bullied by Raios and Humbert, who mocks Eugeo’s lack of form. Humbert offered to teach him a lesson, to which Eugeo surprisingly accepted. The two had an equal match; Eugeo almost lost but managed to get the upper hand by disarming Humbert. However, Raios will call the battle a draw. Needless to say, Eugeo learned something from battling Humbert, so that’s not a bad incident at all, at least not for him.

Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 9 3

A few days later, the consequence of that battle will be felt. Kirito and their two valets will be in trouble because of Humbert and Raios’ wrath. What will the two nobles do two make Kirito and Eugeo’s life miserable? That’s it for Sword Art Online season 3 episode 9. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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