Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 7 – Swordcraft Academy

In the previous episode of Sword Art Online season 3, Asuna successfully uncovered Kikuoka’s plans. But without having a choice, Asuna will be forced to let Kirito take the medication. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Kirito and Eugeo’s journey in finding Alice has already started. In Sword Art Online season 3 episode 7, their stay in the Swordcraft Academy begins.

Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 7 – The Zakkaria Tournament

While Asuna is waiting for Kirito to regain his consciousness, Kirito has been in the Underworld for more than five months now. He and Eugeo left the Rulid Village and went to Zakkaria to follow Alice. They became stable boys for a family of farmers for several months before they participated in the Zakkaria Sword Arts Tournament. Eugeo became the champion in the east while Kirito became the champion of the west. Egome Zakkalight tried to sabotage their entry, but he failed.

Two years after the tournament, Kirito and Eugeo became students in the Swordcraft Academy. This is because when they became top students, their chance of becoming an Authority Knight increases, as well as their chance to see Alice. Both of them are under Sortiliena Serlut’s tutelage. Sortiliena is a senior elite-swordswoman that uses Serlut’s sword style. She and Kirito will have a sparring match in Sword Art Online season 3 episode 7.

sword art online season 3 episode 7

This match will make Kirito show his Aincrad-style consecutive strikes, but the wooden swords will not be able to hold up and will break. Because of this, Kirito will be reminded of the Gigas Cedar branch that he got and sent to Sadore’s shop. The Gigas Cedar is a durable material, and only an item like Eugeo’s sword can damage it heavily. Using this sword, Kirito tried his consecutive attacks again, but he will fail to control the sword, sending mud flying to Uulo Levanteinn. As his punishment, Uolo challenged him to a battle he cannot decline. Will Kirito defeat the head elite swordsman-in-training? We will know in the next episodes.

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