Sword Art Online Season 3 Episode 3 – The End Mountains

Kirito was again inside the Underworld game, and he didn’t really know what he’s supposed to do there. Meanwhile, he met Eugeo and learned the nature of his calling, which is to cut the Gigas Cedar. Now that Kirito realized that sword skills are applicable in this game. He will try to use a sword to bring the giant tree down.  Will we learn something about what happened to Alice? We will know in Sword Art Online season 3 episode 3.

After sleeping with so many unanswered questions, Kirito will be wakened up by Selka, Alice’s younger sister. The Selka will try to blend Kirito in the village by telling him to go and join them for the morning prayer breakfast. After the meal, he met up with Eugeo to help him in cutting down the Gigas Cedar.

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Just like the usual, Kirito will be helping Eugeo cut down the tree. While they’re at it, Eugeo will tell Kirito about a plague that killed 20 villagers two years ago. They will also talk about Sacred Arts, but Kirito will have the urge to cut down the tree. He will wonder if there’s actually a better tool that they can use to make the tree cut faster.

He will ask Eugeo about this and will reveal that the only thing harder than the axe are Divine Instruments. With that said, he will show Kirito a sword, which is the same sword that they found in the cave six years ago: the Blue Rose Sword. But because Kirito’s OC Authority is not enough, he was not able to damage the tree.

sword art online season 3 episode 3 1

Back in the village, Selka will ask Kirito if he knows what really happened to her sister, Alice. Kirito, having remembered Eugeo’s tale, will tell her what really happened. The next day, Selka is missing, and Kirito knows that she is likely to go to the cave. He and Eugeo will then save her, but the two will have life-threatening injuries. But before succumbing to unconsciousness, Kirito will be hearing a voice that will tell him someone is waiting for them in the top of the Central Cathedral. And that’s it for Sword Art Online season 3 episode 3. Stay tuned for more updates.

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