Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3: The Scar – Where To Watch and Preview

In this post, we are going to talk about Supernatural season 14 episode 3 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The show is still focused on Michael, who is controlling the Dean’s body. He is choosing his victims one by one and making them drink bloody spells.

Sam, Cas, Bobby, and Mary were trying to find out Dean’s whereabouts, and then they came across to news. In Duluth, Minnesota, there were a lot of dead bodies were stacked up. They were sure that Michael must have done this through Dean. So, let’s talk more about the same ahead!

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3: The Scar

The show has recently premiered, and only two episodes have been released, the third episode is due this week. The third episode of Supernatural season 14 is scheduled to release on 25 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on The CW at 8 PM every Thursday.

Supernatural can also be watched on The CW app, which is one of the easiest ways to view any of The CW shows. Furthermore, the show can even be streamed on several online streaming service providers such as Hulu, Roku, DirecTV Now by just tuning in The CW at the discussed time!

The last episode ended with Sam, Bobby, and Mary being at the place where Michael was seen experimenting. By the time they reached there, they could not see anyone at the spot. However, they were soon ambushed by werewolves. They had to fight against werewolves before they could think about anything.

After they somehow killed all of them, and they were wondering what just happened. Suddenly, Dean came out, and he told them that Michael had left his body. Others had no idea what they were seeing, but still, they had to take care of Dean. Even Dean has no idea why Michael left him, leaving everyone confused!

In the upcoming episode, everyone is still trying to figure out what happened to Dean. While trying to do the same, she will cross paths with Sheriff Jody Mills. Coincidentally, Mills will realize that he is working on the same case.

Now that means that he will surely help the team find out what happened to Dean. On the other side, Jack is wondering here and there without powers. Castiel always suggests him not to do that, as that may be detrimental for him! We have a trailer of the next episode, take a look at it below!

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