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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 Delayed

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 is revealing the duel: Gogeta vs. Saiyan Black. This anime has delayed the latest release but note that this name releases a single episode in a month. The Clash of Blue and Scarlet continues with Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 with Gohan, Android 17, Krillin, and Android 18 arriving. Super Dragon Ball Heroes reveals the battles between the Saiyans and the evil ones since the Saiyans are saving the Universe from the hands of evils. From the recent Episode, Androde 18 arrived in a new parallel world. Majin Salsa and Putine set on a journey with a former “Demon God,” Shurum, an ally of Demigra. Demigra rescued Cell and Hearts out of Hell. Cell vows to avenge his death on the Z-Fighters that assassinated him and sent him to Hell.

Hearts uses his mind powers and reads what is inside Cell’s mind, but he decides not to tell anyone. On Son Goku’s side, he told others that his partnership with Prince of Saiyan Vegeta could beat Saiya Black when they unleashed Ultra Instinct and combined it with Vegeta’s new power. Goku is worried that they had not perfected their powers since they needed to train and learn how to wield their powers. Meanwhile, Shurum, Putine Salsa, and Majin create a portal like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They open this new dimension for Goku and Vegeta to master their new powers: Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s current power.

Shurum notices that the Saiyans are worried and tells them that everything is okay since he has a warrior that will deal with Saiyan Black when they complete their training. The two Saiyans entered a new world and met with Shadow Duplicates. The Shadow Duplicate are enemies from that past that Goku and Vegeta have once defeated. Meanwhile, Saiyan Black looked at the view of the Universe and got pursued by Cloaked Saiyans since they had been looking for him.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 38 Updates

The Cloaked Saiyan decided to call reinforcements, but they met Bojack, Super Android 17, and Dr. W. Dr. W says his full name is Dr. Wheelo. Saiyan Black transforms into a form that resembles Super Saiyan 3. The episode was building up about The Final Battle in Fake Universe Clash of Blue and Scarlet. Saiyan Black vs. Cloaked Super Saiyan began, and it became an intense battle, but Saiyan Black won after dominating his opponent. Later the Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta, and Goku appear. This shows that their training is completed.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39

Saiyan Black

They have now mastered controlling their powers, and the 2v1 begins. The Cloaked Saiyan leaves the battlefield leaving Saiyan Black in Goku and Vegeta’s hands. The two overpowers Saiyan Black, and Goku unleashes Ultra Instinct to its limit. But it faded away since the time ran out, and Saiyan Black took that advantage and began to punish the two. Saiyan Black unleashed Super Saiyan 3 and 4 simultaneously and drew powers from “Fake Universe” using his mask. Vegeta transforms, but Saiyan Black smashed him after a long battle. Freeza and Cooler joined the battle after transforming into their Golden Form.

Saiyan Black calls out Omega Shenron and who defeated Freeza and Cooler after giving them some beating. Heater and Cumber also interfered, and Saiyan Black decided to finish Cooler and Freeza. Super Saiyan Fusion and Gogeta appear. Gogeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and takes a brawl to another level. Saiyan Black begins to lose, and Gogeta in Super Siyan Blue uses Vegeta’s power+ Ultra Instinct to defeat Saiyan Black. Omega also vanishes after Saiyan Black gets defeated.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 Release Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 will be released on 10 October 2021. The Cloaked Saiyan arrives and sends Goku to another world where he meets Fu. Goku’s new era is about to begin after his encounter with young Fu. Super Dragon Ball Heroes releases a single episode in a month. You can look at Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ official details and other news below.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39


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Watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39 online on YouTube (Playlist). We have no official streaming platform for super Dragon Ball Heroes, but it is available on the official Youtube channel. The upcoming episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 title: The Obstructing Threat of Fu! Birth of the Miraculous Strongest Combination!. Don’t miss the next Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode since it will arrive early this coming week.

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