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Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball 2021 – Ranked

strongest characters in Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball.

Akira Toriyama set some serious bar in his Dragon Ball, leading fans to compare several other anime characters with his overpowered character, Goku. But Dragon Ball is far from having just one strong character. This is rather a story about several powerful characters, each outshining the other in their screentime. Dragon Ball brings back many great memories from our childhood which fills our hearts with a great deal of happy and warm feelings. As we remember our favorites, we must be thinking of some of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball, which made the show such a tempting watch. While these characters made our day, let’s remember them more.

Dragon Ball is not just about battles. Sure, these fight scenes make up most of the show, but it is far from being all about it. The show is about growth, friendship, and bringing a better change. If you have spent hours waiting for the show to come up as a child, you have lived some of the best years of your life watching this amazing show nurture good morals into kids. Mentioning Goku‘s strength remains at the tip of our tongue but weren’t there several strong characters that blew our minds?

Here are the top ten strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super that we can’t get out of our minds!

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10. Broly

Broly is a popular character for his strength. We see him being quite powerful throughout the series, especially when he kept up against Goku’s Kamehameha. Broly has high stamina and an overwhelming amount of power. Although he wasn’t as strong as our protagonist, Akira Toriyama had built him with a lot of capable qualities that made him one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. While in the original series, his overwhelming strength was not much talked of, the recent movie did justice to the character and gave the audience a complete look at his abilities. We have seen him battle Goku and Vegeta at the same time, and it impressed a lot of fans.



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9. Gohan

Gohan was an intense character that makes the list of strongest characters in Dragon Ball feel incomplete without being mentioned. He might be weaker than some of our main characters, but he nonetheless shined. We knew he was strong the moment Goku felt the need to use Kaio Ken against him. He is overloaded with pure strength, which makes him quite a formidable opponent even if he stops training (unlike Goku and Vegeta). Rewatching the series makes one realize how much Toriyama had to nerf Gohan just to make his leads shine. Nevertheless, following the anime gives us a good look at the fact that Gohan was an overpowered character.


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8. Hit

Hit is famous in the fandom as the strongest mortal, and we have all seen why such claims are made in the series. He was an assassin that gave even Goku a hard time defeating. In the show, we also witnessed him not just survive but even fought on par against the Super Saiyan Blue form. Hit has high speed along with his mastery in the assassination, which makes him powerful and hard to defeat. Moreover, he even has the ability to manipulate time, something that just cannot be ignored. His stamina was also pretty high as he was able to keep up against several powerful blows from Goku.  As someone who can keep up with Goku and Vegeta’s Blue form, we recognize him as one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball.



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7. Frieza

Even when his powers were suppressed, Frieza can easily handle multiple fighters. He possesses high speed, which makes him almost invisible to the eye. Frieza proves to be a very powerful enemy, along with being one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. The character is bestowed with a power level of 120 million right after being born. In the battles, we had a glance at his limitless power when he defeated Vegeta, who had just gained a boost in his powers. Moreover, while Vegeta and Goku train all the time, Frieza had never trained and what we witnessed was his rawest power. He starts training after his resurrection in DBS. After his training, we saw a whole new transformation in Frieza, and that was only after four months.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball


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6. Toppo

Toppo has been regarded as the second strongest mortal of the 11th Universe many times in the series. The claims have proven themselves right more than once as we see his might, which even levels him up enough to be a Hakaishin. Toppo can survive Goku’s Blue form, which says tons about why and how he is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. He achieved his God of Destruction form and became an extremely powerful warrior. While Saiyans are constantly developing, Toppo’s strength stops increasing midway, which is one of the main reasons why he never made it to number 1 on this list.



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5. Vegeta

Out of the two protagonists, Vegeta might be weaker, but he has never been someone you can underestimate whatsoever. Vegeta has always been the smarter one of the duo and shows better strategic skills than Goku. He has always been extremely ruthless as well. Vegeta trains a lot and has shown severe development from the beginning. Vegeta’s presence in this list is no surprise. Vegeta has been strong in the series and continues to grow stronger in the spin-off.



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4. Goku

A character who is renowned for his strength could not be missing out from the list of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. Do I even need to explain how strong Goku is? Perhaps not. Goku has shown an insane amount of strength that makes him not only one of the strongest in Dragon but one of the strongest in anime history. He is always training and thus getting better than his own self, which is both impressive and terrifying. Goku’s battle power at one point was even 4.8 Quadrillion, giving him Godlike abilities to tackle his foes.

Strongest characters in dragon ball


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3. Jiren

Yes, there are characters even stronger than Goku, and one of them is Jiren. We already knew Jiren was one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball, but how was he stronger than Goku? Goku could not defeat even after he had mastered Ultra Instinct. Moreover, he has shown development since the beginning, too, meaning he has grown in strength and power as well. Jiren is renowned for being stronger than most God of Destruction, which puts him at a higher tier than both Goku and Vegeta. He has also been announced as the strongest mortal in all multiverse. It took two extremely strong beings– Frieza and Goku, to defeat Jiren, which too explains why he is here on this list.



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2. Vegito

Vegito proved to be a great threat to Vegeta and Goku. He was fearsome with powerful and destructive strikes. His strength was unmatchable as well. During fusion, the powers are not added but multiplied, which made him so much stronger than Vegeta and Goku. Vegito’s powers were beastly. Base Vegito was already a tough character, but then he evolved into his higher forms like SSJ. He has multiple strong abilities that are overpowered, which include techniques like Destructo Disc, Big Bang Kamehameha, and Savage Counter.

Strongest characters in Dragon Ball


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1. Beerus

The first thing worth mentioning is that the power level of Beerus’ is 3 Billion initially, but it has often escalated more than Goku’s. Beerus is the God of Destruction who defeated Goku using only a small amount of his power. Of course, Goku grew stronger and mastered Ultra Instinct. But then again, Beerus defeated him again. Beerus being stronger than Goku has never been a question of doubt. Even among Gods, Beerus’ power is highly acknowledged, and he stands among one of the strongest and most feared of them all. It would take a lot for these characters to defeat Beerus. The only character closes to doing so would be Vegito, but there has been no substantial proof to that in the series, so we would assume that Beerus is stronger than him.

strongest characters in Dragon Ball


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