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Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5 release date

Here let’s know all about Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5 Release Date. Street gag woman fighter is a parody version of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’. It is a survival program that includes eight female dance groups. Their main goal is to win the competition against one of the most popular and best dance crews. This parody was created by enjoy couple. All the episodes are available on their youtube channel.

The first episode starts with the entry of five groups with their specific specialties and talents. And guess what? Their introductions are hilarious. So all competitors have finally gathered around for a face-off. They all listen to their judging videos, and all the competitors get to know more about each other. Soon, the show introduces our special MC for the day- Son Daniel. Everybody becomes very excited and immediately cheer for him.

The first game begins immediately – Round 1 of the Boring Nomination Battle. The players have to nominate a person that’s a lot more boring than them, and then they have to compete in a dance battle. The judge for this round will be the Queen Of Gag Performances – Hong Yoonhwa. The first episode covers up the battle between duos like Garibi and Aikikai. It’s hilarious to watch their battle because they come up with a sequence of funny dance moves and punch lines.

Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5 release date

Street Gag Woman Fighter

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Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode begins with all the members sitting together and putting up ideas to form a group. But for that, they need to know more about everyone individually. Linjeong wanted to appeal first, so she went ahead with her performance. Linjeong wanted to show them that she had a lot of respect for the BADA of SES. Just like her, everyone gave their appeal sessions, and it’s really funny to watch them as they get along awkwardly. This show revolves around standup comedians with a tinge of their funny dance moves.

Noiroze started the placement and selection of the members. After she’s done selecting them, they have a dance battle after completing all the tasks given by Noiroze. It was difficult for Aikiki because she didn’t get to do the usual steps that she always did. Yoonhwa selects the leaders for a special dance performance. Wherein the leaders have to perform their steps with comedy props to make it very entertaining for the audience. This is a quickness challenge, and they have to make their audience laugh. Yoonhwa loved their performances, and it’s time for her to select the winner. Noiroze becomes the winner for an outdated performance.

Now, it’s Noiroze’s turn to pick the worst comedian from all the members, and guess what? She chose Mopnica. She chooses Honey JYP for a fight, and they have to perform a dance battle together. The MC tells everyone to choose the worst comedian, so everyone stands behind Honey, but when she turns back, there’s no one. This makes her happy because, as per her, no one hates her. It’s really funny to watch Honey’s reaction after she knows the truth.

Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5 Release Date

For now, the first season is wrapped up! There won’t be any more episodes coming up. The show aired from September 12 to September 29, 2021. Every episode is 20 minutes long. Towards the end of episode 4, you can see that all the members are happy with their appearance in the show. They talk about their respective roles and characters. Moreover, they share their experiences with the Enjoy Couple YouTube channel, and they thank them for this opportunity.

Since the pandemic has created a huge gap for their career. This opportunity made them get back to their domain, and it was a refreshing start for them. The episode ends with all the comments from the fans. Everybody is very happy with their performances and dedication towards the character buildup. All the comments make them very happy and emotional. After a very long time, they experienced so much support from the people. The episode finally ends on a good note; wherein everybody comes in for a final dance battle. I guess the show can come out with a second season because of its tremendous popularity.

Street Gag Woman Fighter Episode 5 release date

Street Gag Woman Fighter

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