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Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Net Worth in 2021: Assets & Earnings

Stray Kids is the 4th gen IT boy band working under JYP Entertainment. The band had its debut in 2018 with the album “I Am Not” which sold a toppling 54,000+ copies. Stray Kids’ popularity reached outside of South Korea after their single “God’s Menu” was released in 2020. This year, Stray Kids ranked #1 as the most-streamed 4th generation K-pop group on Spotify. Apart from their songs that are mainly in Korea, Stray Kids caters to their international fans as well. They release different versions of their songs in languages such as English and Japanese. The members also choreograph their own songs along with composing them.

Hailed as the “Golden Visual” of the group, Hyunjin is undoubtedly one of the most popular members of the group. Most of the members of the band had auditioned themselves to be a part of it. Whereas Hyunjin was street-casted because of his good looks. He basically had no skills when he auditioned, but passed it anyway. He was selected to be on the show “Stray Kids” hosted by JYP. Here he would be selected to be a part of the final nine. These finalists – Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, and Woojin would debut with Bang Chan as their leader.

Hyunjin Net Worth

Hyunijn from Stray Kids

Who is Hyunjin?

Hwang Hyun-Jin is the Lead Rapper and Main Dancer of Stray Kids. Born and raised in South Korea, Hyunjin was scouted for JYP when he was out with his mother. Hyunjin was a trainee for two years before he was introduced to the world on the show “Stray Kids”. As a trainee, he was called a pretty face a lot, which made him want to train harder. He would train hours in the end without breaks so he could show people that he was more than just his looks and that he’s just as talented. Hyunjin was famous for his looks ever since he was young. He gained so much fame, that he was called the “Prince” of his high school.

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Hyunjin is the lead dancer of Stray Kids. He is part of the dance sub-unit called DANCERACHA. This sub-unit consists of Lee Know, Felix, and Hyunjin. He decided to become a singer because of his love for music, and how he felt when he’s performing on stage. He has an equal contribution in the making of the band’s songs. From writing lyrics, composing music with the others, and choreographing the dances for their self-made songs.

What is Hyunjin’s Net Worth?

Hyunjin currently has a Net Worth of $1.5 Million Dollars. Although Stray Kids as a group have a Net Worth of $30.18 Million Dollars, the individual incomes of the members are less. This is because, even after equal distribution between members, the company has to be paid from the band’s income.

Hyunjin had to start his career from scratch. Having no experience in any idol work, Hyunjin worked extremely hard to be where he is. He helps in co-writing songs for Stray Kids and plays an even bigger role in choreographing for them. Hyunjin helps the other members perfect their dance, and the members help him co-compose for the albums. Hyunjin’s Net Worth has spiked also because he works as an MC on “Show Music Core”. Hyunjin, along with the other members are brand ambassadors for some well-known brands.

Currently, Stray Kids are brand ambassadors for K-Beauty Brand, Nacific. Hyunjin is also an active Tik Tok Content Producer. Here he’s seen making fun videos with his other bandmates of them following trends, pranking each other, etc.

Hyunjin Net Worth

Hyunjin Net Worth

Hyunjin Bullying Scandal

Back in February of this year, Hyunjin was accused of bullying his middle school peers by an anonymous teller on the internet. This had caused a lot of problems for him, which eventually led him to take a break from being in the group. He was suspended by his management, and a deeper investigation into the matter was instigated. Hyunjin took time off till June 2021, when he made a comeback with the band for the release of their music video “Oh”. The company stated that he worked on his actions while he was on hiatus. Hyunjin released an official apology to everyone as well. He’s now back to his normal schedule and has made new releases that have gone viral as well.

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