Steven Universe Season 6: SDCC Teasers, Trailer, And More

Many at the end of Season 5 wondered if Steven Universe had come to an end with Season 5 itself. But no, that’s not the case. Steven Universe Season 6 is a sure thing, as is a Steven Universe movie. The end of Season 5 saw Steven stop the attack on Planet by Diamonds. Steven Universe Season 6, Episode 1 will be called as “Legs From Here To The Homeworld.” It involves Steven’s visit to Earth. The trailer for Season is out. It was revealed to us at the end of Season 5. Watch it below:

Steven Universe Season 6: SDCC Reveals

The San Diego Comic-Con, Rebecca Sugar and others revealed a look of White Diamond’s eyes. As you can see the diamonds are seeing the fallout of their actions, hanging onto the Earth. But we have other questions too, like for example When are we ever going to see White Diamond? Are Lars and the other off-color Gems still fighting out in space? Bismuth as part of the main team! let’s hope Season 6 Episode 1 of Steven Universe comes out as soon as possible and answer these questions for us.

Steven Universe Season 6: Release Date

For now, no official confirmation has been made regarding the show. Given that Sugar’s plate is kind of full as of now, we won’t know when we’ll get to see Steven Universe again. First of all, there’s a movie coming up on Cartoon Network. So Rebecca Sugar must obviously be busy with the same. Second of all, Season 5 of Steven Universe took forever with its episodes. These guys, they work at a slow pace. You may or may not expect the show to be back in 2019. We’ll keep you updated, whatever the scenario.

Steven Universe Season 6: Plot

The official synopsis of the show goes somewhat like: “5000 years after a great war of Gems, gemstone-like beings from a planet called Homeworld, we meet Steven, a half boy half gem who lives with the “Crystal Gems” Garnet, Amythest, and Pearl, who live on earth after they rebelled against Homeworld. The story follows Steven’s adventures, whether he is fighting monsters or learning to control his own powers.”,

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