Star Wars Eclipse: Expectations & Controversy

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date
Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most famous movie franchises globally. It paved the way for the space adventure genre, which we see in movies. However, the Star Wars series has been a successful movie franchise and a successful video game series. There have been many Star War games which release on multiple platforms. All of them have been massive hits. Therefore, fans are delighted to hear about the upcoming Star Wars game. But there is also some controversy surrounding the upcoming Star Wars game title.

Many trailers were revealed of upcoming video games at the recently held Game Awards 2021. Star Wars Eclipse is one of those forthcoming games announced in the annual awards. The game will be the next Star Wars game by Lucasfilm Games after the 2020 first-person space combat video game, Star Wars Squadrons. The game will be an action-adventure with advanced graphics and compatible with multiple platforms. Let’s see the Star Wars Eclipse release date and more about the game.

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date

The Lucasfilm Games hasn’t yet revealed any specific release date for Star Wars Eclipse. But there are speculations that the Star Wars game will be released in late 2022. It would be the latest Star Wars action-adventure game after the 2019 title, Jedi Fallen Order. Thus, it has been quite a while since Lucasfilm released a story-driven action-adventure like Jedi Fallen Order. Therefore, fans are hyped about the upcoming Star Wars video game.

For now, the American video game distributors only teased the setting and title for Star Wars Eclipse. They didn’t even reveal much about the game, so there is still a lot to look forward to. For now, we only know that the Star Wars Eclipse is set to release during the following holidays in 2022. Of course, there will be a gamer’s holiday as many AAA games are set to release during late 2022.

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What Are The Expectations From The Upcoming Star Wars Game?

As of now, Lucasfilms only revealed that the Star Wars Eclipse would be an action-adventure. The makers released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Star Wars video game at the Game Awards 2021. Thus, it’s hard to know what kind of gameplay it would have, or even it’s hard to talk about the actual graphics that the game would have. Cause cinematic trailers are always more realistic and smooth than a gameplay trailer.

Mysterious Black Figure Star Wars Eclipse
The mysterious black figure in the Star Wars Eclipse trailer.

For now, we can just expect that the Star Wars Eclipse can also have a great plot like the previous games. Further, the trailer revealed that Lucasfilms got Quantic Dream studios to develop this game. The French studio is known for its expertise in developing story-driven games, which we witnessed in their past projects. As for the graphics, we can speculate that it will be a visual treat like the previous Star Wars games. Further, from the cinematic trailer, we know that the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse will feature many new worlds and characters. The most noticeable ones were the Jedis’ training with their lightsabers and a mysterious figure covered in a black lacker substance.

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What Is The Controversy Surrounding Star Wars Eclipse?

The reveal of Star Wars Eclipse at the Game Awards 2021 got all the Star Wars fans hyped, and they are looking forward to the action-adventure video game. But the game is also receiving a massive amount of negativity from many Star Wars fanatics. The game itself is not the problem, but the studio that worked on the game actually angered many fans. The Lucasfilm Games got Quantic Dream Studios on board for developing the game. The French video game developers create significant hits like Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dream
Quantic Dream

The French studio is famous for their geniuses in storytelling, and thus, they excel at developing story-driven games. Therefore, we can expect that Star Wars Eclipse will have outstanding storytelling. The French studio’s past and the controversies are the reason behind the anger of the Star War fans. There were some serious allegations from French media about the Quantic Dream and their toxic workplace environment. There were reports that David Cage, the CEO of Quantic Dream, harassed and abused many of his workers. He even has exploited the French labor laws. Further, there were reports about David Cage being homophobic, racist, and against the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, Star War fans have begun a campaign and raising their voices to boycott the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse.

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