South Park Season 23 Release Date Rumours – The Final Season?

South Park is one of those shows which are famous throughout the world. The show has been doing pretty well for an animated series. It has got 22 seasons so far, and the numbers will only keep on growing. South Park will start airing its 22nd season a few days later, and the fans are already excited about what the show has in store for them.

For now, we know that South Park will at least go on for 23 seasons as the show was renewed for its 22nd and 23rd after Hulu decided to pick up the show. Hulu reached an agreement with the creators of South Park, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker. The deal will allow the show to keep going up to its 23rd season. With the renewal, the series will cross the 300 episodes mark before the 23rd season finishes.

The 22nd season premieres on September 26, 2018. So, the release of the 23rd season is definitely going to happen in 2019. We don’t know when the first episode will air but, it could be around the same date in 2019. And if we go by the rumors floating around on the internet, the South Part Season 23 will be coming out in September 2019, and we will keep you posted with the release date details.

Hulu had to pay a lot of money to make the show exclusive to the streaming service. It was reported that Hulu paid $192 million for keeping ahold of the show. The deal surpassed the number that Hulu paid for Seinfeld, which was $160 million.

South Park Season 23

You can watch the episodes of South Park on Comedy Central and stream it on DirecTV Now and Sling TV. Also, if you’d like to watch all the previous seasons of South Park, then you can gain access to them by making a Hulu account.

It does look like that South Park is going to stop at 23 seasons In an interview with IGN, Stone said, “We won’t stop until we get canceled.” He was pretty clear with his words. Personally, I think South Park can go on for many more years. The show is funny, and I don’t think fans would mind another decade of South Park.

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