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South Korean Beauty YouTuber Dawn Lee Passed Away At Age 30

Dawn Lee dies due to Cancer
Promotional Picture of Dawn Lee

Dawn Lee’s real-time is Lee Jung-Joo. She is a famous content creator who took K-beauty to YouTube and made it popular in 2021. However, she did not have a long life as cancer took her beautiful life away. Dawn Lee, the Beauty YouTuber, died at the age of 30 due to cancer. There are subscribers of more than 640,000 for her. Furthermore, the greatest thing about her is she never lost her hope and also asked her fans to do the same. She mostly makes videos on makeup and tutorials for hairstyles. Moreover, she also makes vlogs for interactions and sharing about her daily life.

Lee shared her personal journey about her treatment through her videos too. She offered courage and hope in fighting against cancer to other patients. Dawn made her appearance on Baptism, a talk show in November of 2020. In the show, she talked about her experience in fighting cancer. She went through the treatment process and diagnosis emotional impacts with the help of her faith, family, loved ones, and boyfriend. She said during the show about feeling severe pains in her armpits and the arm area, and the surrounding chest.

Dawn Lee, a Beauty YouTuber Dies at age 30

Dawn Lee, a famous beauty YouTuber dies due to cancer on May 30, 2021. She was only thirty years old at the time of her death. It has been two years since she had cancer. Lee died after fighting with the disease last Sunday. Ice Creative, the agency of the YouTuber confirmed her death on Instagram via a statement. Kim Eun-ha, the CEO of the agency shared the news. The CEO stated she is sharing the loss of her dear friend Dawn Lee with an extremely heavy heart in the morning. 

Dawn Lee dies at the age of 30 due to Cancer

Dawn Lee with her boyfriend

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Samsung Medical Center holds the funeral service for Lee. It is in Ilwon-dong of Seoul’s Gangnam District. In 2019’s February, the diagnosis of her lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, took place. However, further announcements for her disease took place in public about the same being terminal. Despite everything, she has been sharing photos and videos for two years. She also speaks about her disease sometimes. Lee never lost hope until the last moment. She lived with positive vibes. Furthermore, she also vowed to share her fighting the disease on YouTube and the process for it. She did the same till the last moment.

Fans paying tribute to Dawn Lee’s Death.

Fans paid tribute and condolences to the news of the death of Dawn Lee from her fans and subscribers around worldwide. Nami Hollanderin wrote about her being a warrior and fought hard for so long. She also thanks Lee for sharing her journey with her followers. Furthermore, she asks her to rest well as she is no more pain now. She also said about praying for her friends and family during difficult times. Lyndsey MacPherson shared about the world being darker without “our Dawn”. She speaks about loving Dawn very much. Now, she can only send love to the loved ones and family of Dawn.

Moreover, she keeps thinking that Dawn is not really gone as long as they continue to carry on their name and carry her with everyone. Lilly Friedemann wrote the news as very devastating. However, now she will get missed greatly, and she had a beautiful and bright soul. She prayed for her to rest in peace and her family to find comfort from the positivity of Dawn until the end and the videos she left for everyone. 

Dawn Lee shared her last video on April 15, 2021. Then, she mentioned hearing some terrible news from the hospital. She shared about having a mental breakdown after hearing the bad in the hospital. Furthermore, the mental breakdown was very serious, and she had it for two to three days. However, she did not want the same to worry her as of that moment as that has not taken place until then. She remained positive and wanted to have a pleasant day for that present day. Lee also wanted to stay and remain healthy for tomorrow. She wanted to stay happy for the day after tomorrow. Well, her last video was really depressing. However, she lived positively until the last.

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