Sonya Curry’s Boyfriend: Who is Stephen Curry’s Mother Dating in 2021?

Sonya Curry's Boyfriend
Stephen Curry's Mother Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry is much in limelight for the last few months for her messy divorce and cheating allegations. So, who is Sonya Curry’s boyfriend now? It got alleged that she was in a relationship with a former NFL player. Dell Curry, her ex-husband, also accused her of cheating with him in his divorce proceedings. But, she has yet to make any public appearance with him. Likewise, Sonya has not accepted or rejected the claims about her dating the former NFL Player.

However, Sonya has rejected some allegations put forth by Dell such, as living together with her boyfriend. She said that she is living alone in her home as Dell refused to give her alimony and also kicked her out of his house. Stephen Curry’s mother accepted the fact about her being in a relationship. Furthermore, she accused it was her ex-husband who cheated on her with other women. Meanwhile, she is also having rumors that she will date Drake Graham as there are claims that they used to flirt. What is the truth of the matter? It remains secret until now.

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Sonya Curry’s Boyfriend: Who is Stephen Curry’s Mother Dating in 2021?

Sonya Curry’s boyfriend was rumored to be Stephen Johnson. He is a businessman and a former NFL player. Furthermore, she is already in the midst of a messy divorce with cheating allegations. Sonya has not stated publicly that she is dating Stephen. But, she did admit to having a new boyfriend. It was her ex-husband, Dell Curry, who accused her of being in a relationship with Stephen. Dell even went on to claim that she is living with her new boyfriend and cheated on him. However, she denied all the claims except the one that she is dating someone. Thus, it could be Stephen Johnson, as alleged by Dell Curry.

Who is Sonya Curry Dating in 2021?
Sonya Curry with her ex-husband, Dell Curry

Sonya Curry’s Messy Divorce with Dell Curry

Sonya Curry had undergone a messy divorce with Dell Curry this year. It is not known exactly what could the reason for their separation was. But, they are indeed blaming one another for cheating. Sonya initially reasoned marital misconduct as her reason for separation in the divorce filings. She accused her ex-husband of having several affairs with various women during their marriage.

After that, Dell also went on to submit Sonya as doing illegal sexual misconduct acts in his filing. In fact, he also termed her as lying regarding her infidelity. Sonya got angry with his accusations and said about being in a new relationship. But, she also mentioned that she started the relationship months before calling quits with Dell. Sonya also denied all his accusations about living together with her boyfriend.

Sonya Curry Dating Rumours with Drake Graham

Sonya Curry is not dating Drake Graham yet. The public is linking them online ever since her divorce became public. One Twitter user wrote that the rapper is going to date Stephen now. Meanwhile, another user mentioned Sonya being back on the market. Likewise, several users are mentioning how both of them will be together and soon going on a date.

People are linking them as there were rumours before that both of them used to flirt a bit. A close insider of Drake mentioned the pair’s flirt during an interview. The insider also mentioned how they used to do that for fun. However, the insider also said the rapper could go for his shot now that Sonya is single again. Well, there is no sort of any news like that currently.

Who is Sonya Curry's Boyfriend in 2021?
Sonya Curry with her family

Sonya’s Joint Statement for Divorce

Sony and Dell Curry released a joint statement regarding the divorce as soon it became public. They stated about their decision to divorce after going through a trial separation in the past year with much thinking and consideration. The pair also confirmed in their statement that they would put their family first. They will remain committed and give support to their children and connect with their grandchildren. Sonya and Dell were indeed living in separation since last year. However, they filed for divorce this year and decided to put an end to their 33 years of marriage.

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