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Songbird Movie Review

Adam Mason directed a science fiction thriller movie named Songbird. The movie takes us ahead in the year 2024. The movie talks about the 2020 pandemic extending to 2024. By 2024, the COVID-19 virus has mutated into COVID-23, and the globe is in its fourth pandemic cycle. In the United States, citizens must take temperature checks on their cell phones. On the other hand, those affected with COVID-23 are taken from their homes against their will and taken into quarantine camps, identified as “Q-Zones” or concentration camps, where some fight back against the brutal confinements. In these camps, the contaminated are left to die or forcibly get better.
The movie’s honest plot left me cringed as it’s 2021, and the pandemic is still going on. No country has dethroned the COVID-19 virus, and creators are already making movies in the 4th year of quarantine.

Songbird- A Review

Songbird: Movie About Pandemic.

Nico Price, a motorbike dispatcher with immunity, due to the fact he was infected with the virus, is in a virtual alliance with Sara Garcia, a young writer living with her grandmother Lita whose lockdown prevents them from bodily contact. Nico works for Lester, who practices in delivering packages to rich people. One of their biggest customers is the Griffins, William, and Pier, whose daughter Emma has an.

Movies Say

William is a former account executive having an affair with May, a singer living online trading covers of classic songs. May creates a bond with Michael Dozer, a disabled war vet who works for Lester as a buzz operator to track their couriers.
One night, Lita starts to show symptoms of COVID-23 while the “sanitation” committee, led by Emmett Harland, is taking Sara’s neighbor Alice out of her residence after getting infected.

Harland informs Sara that their apartment building has witnessed a rise in infections. Sara tells Nico about Lita’s condition, leading Nico to spend the twilight by Sara’s room door. In the morning, Sara clears her temperature control, but Lita fails hers. Nico vows to keep Sara from being taken away.
The movie sounds stupid after watching this sequence. If a person is infected or ill, their lover should make sure that they seek proper medication, not promise them that he will not allow anyone to take her.
How nonpractical a movie or a character can be? Corona Virus is not a joke. It has taken more than 50000 lives. The movies give a very wrong message that it’s okay to be infected and not see a doctor.
Government is not a fool spending so much revenue on medical and health facilities.

Stop It, Please!

Nico reaches to Lester to let him know that he’s cognizant they are carrying illegal immunity wristbands. Lester informs him the Griffins are the ones trading them. When he goes to their dwelling, the Griffins give Nico the phone number of their conjectured supplier. Nico meets with Harland at a warehouse, showing it to be a trap, and Nico escapes.

As Sara is waiting for Nico, Lita falls into her demise. The “sanitation” department visits cremate Lita and restrain Sara. Sara knocks out one of the crew members and takes his hazmat outfit before fleeing the building. Harland and his crew finally catch up to Sara, where he remarks that Sara has yet to show symptoms of COVID-23 notwithstanding her exposure and is therefore immune. Sara is arrested shortly afterward.
Adam, you got to be kidding your views. Why would you show something that our governments have been trying to stop since the lockdown started? Each scene of the movie leaves me more and more aggregated.

Lalala. Happy Ending

William requires to see May again. However, May uniformly refuses, claiming she joined him, offering her an illegitimate wristband. Piper catches William’s phone call with May and hits him out of the house. William moves to calm May, which Piper asks her to warn her about. May asks Dozer if she can stay with him, to which he concedes. When trying to flee, May’s car won’t start.
William arrives and tries to stop May, but Dozer uses a weaponized drone to stop William and save May.

Nico responds to the Griffins and confronts Piper, who says she was involved. Nico tried to prove their illegal business. When Nico says he’s only engaged in saving Sara, Piper ultimately agrees to help and gives him a wristband for Sara. Nico comes back to Sara’s apartment to find Harland, who tries to strike Nico.

Songbird- A Review

Death Count In The Movie Songbird.

However, he is ultimately killed by Nico in self-defense. Nico finds Sara’s cell phone with a photograph of the containment van and its tailpiece number. With Lester and Dozer’s advice, Nico tracks to the Q-Zone before Sara can be taken in and can slip her immunity bracelet on her in time to be examined, saving her from quarantine. As they include for the first time, Sara explains to Nico that she is truly immune.
Piper and May frame William and Harland as those accountable for trading illegal immunity wristbands in the outcome. May and Dozer begin an implicit relationship. Nico sends Lester his immunity bracelet as gratitude while he and Sara ride up the Pacific Coast Highway.

COVID Is Not A Joke

I can officially say this is the worst movie I have ever watched. The movie is not at all romantic; All the trouble Nico goes through to save his girl was useless. It’s a movie. That’s why the girl gained her immunity in real life. They both might have died because of COVID. COVID is not a joke. It’s a serious disease that has cost people their lives and loved ones. This movie might be a really bad influence for people who are learning the difference between right and wrong. A lot of creators have directed movies on the Pandemic, but no one chooses to project stupidity through art. For example, Anne Hathway’s movie named Lockdown was a heist film, and it was a masterpiece.

Directors made sure they show the safety precautions so that people might get influenced to follow those. The ending was so forced and fake. It was a fake happy ending. The movie was scientifically and logically wrong as pandemics have to occur over a period of time. It’s natural and normal. We don’t get over pandemics. We learn how to live with them. No pandemic can last for four years.


Another point Covid19 is called Covid 19 because the is has originated from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, which has 19 category syndrome. If they say the virus has mutated, they should have given a logical reason behind it. The movie has so many loose ends, which doesn’t make sense. At the same time, the movie gave a very negative approach to deal with the disease in such a hard time. The world is already dealing with many things, and no one asked for this piece of trash.

The name of the movie should be replaced from Songbird to Song you should never listen to. The more I think about the movie, the more angry and agitated I get. This is the movie literally no one asked for. We can call it a proper disaster of the entertainment industry. Makers should have been careful about what word and message they are putting out in society as movies influence our societies a lot. This is a perfect example of misusing a citizen’s Right To Speech and Expression. I can describe the movie in one word, “DON’T WATCH IT.”


On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an endorsement rating of 10% based on 71 reviews, with an aggregate of 3.5/10. The site’s critic’s agreement reads: “Muddled, tedious, and indifferent, Songbird‘s gimmick never blends into a meaningful tale about the pandemic lockdown.” At Metacritic, the film has a weighted ordinary record of 27 out of 100, based on 12 critics, meaning “generally adverse reviews.”

Alonso Duralde of TheWrap wrote, “It’s not essentially misguided to use a current misfortune as the jumping-off point of a class movie, but any filmmaker who chooses to do so had better build something provocative or entertaining or at least competent to justify it.” Writing for IndieWire, David Ehrlich gave the movie a “D.” He said, “For all of its gimmicky application, Songbird is bad enough that your intact neighborhood will be able to smell it flowing onto your TV, and it gets worse quicker than your nose can change to the stench.” Korey Coleman of Double Toasted found Peter Stormare’s appearance humorous, but criticized the overall information of the film, calling it “irresponsible,” and regarded the numerous plot holes inspired by the love story which overtook the entire premise.

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