Song Kang To Hold Live Fan Meeting With Global Fans!

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Song Fan Meeting

Are you ready for Song Kang’s fan meeting? Oh boy, Song Kang has taken over the world as he will soon hold a fan meeting! Song Kang has been grabbing hearts effortlessly with his versatile acting skills and for his heavenly visuals. The Korean actor had first made his debut in Hello, Spring as a main character named Jung Woo Jin. He had gained popularity for his role as Hwang Sun Oh in Love Alarm. Although the Kdrama Love Alarm had mixed reactions, there is no doubt that people were smitten by Song Kang. And ever since then, the sky was the limit for the 27-year-old actor.

He then went on to star in more great and popular kdramas like Sweet Home, Love Alarm 2, Navillera, Nevertheless, and now Forecasting Love & Weather. Plus, fans have been loving the duality of his character in Forecasting love & Weather. He wasn’t this cute in any of the kdramas he had starred in before. All in all, Song Kang is one hell of a great actor!

Song Kang To Hold Global Fan Meeting

The son of Netflix, aka Song Kang, is going to hold a global fan meeting. The live will be streamed on the Korean content Youtube channel The Swoon on March 4. To make things better, fans will also be able to understand what the Korean actor is saying as there will be real-time captions too. This is not only a great event for fans but also for Song Kang as it is his first time doing a fan meeting all on his own.

Song Kang Fan Meeting
Song Kang cr: Namoo Actors

In addition to that, Netflix’s K-Star fans event with Song Kang will be streamed live on the YouTube ‘THE SWOON’ channel on March 4 at 8 pm Korean time, and later in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese. It will be translated and uploaded. So prepare yourself to witness Song Kang’s beauty and also prepare the questions you might be asking him. Fans hope that they and Song Kang will have a great time at the fan meeting and make new memories.

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