Song Kang Recently Shared His Views On His Acting Skills

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Song Kang interview
Song Kang interview

Song Kang recently had an interview in which he shared about how the field of acting has been for him so far. The Kdrama actor who is ruling everyone’s heart at the moment has gained big recognition in the past few years. The actor is constantly reaching new heights and the fans are always supporting him and sending him love. The Kdrama world has been gaining widespread popularity in the past years. A big reason for its popularity is how the actors make the role of their characters relatable and real. Song Kang is definitely one of the top amazing, talented actors who bring life to the character they are playing which always becomes a legendary character.

Song Kang first appeared in a short series “Hello spring”. He made his television debut through the series “The Liar And His Lover” in the year 2017. Since then he came in many dramas like “Man in the Kitchen” and “Touch Your Heart” and “When the devil calls your name”. Song Kang started gaining immense popularity when he starred as Hwang Sun Oh in “Love Alarm”. His charm and cute smile gained everyone’s attention. After that, he highly impressed everyone with his powerful role in “Sweet Home”. Since then, he has continuously amazed fans with every drama he stars in. He always impresses fans with his wide variety of roles. The fans also highly appreciated his role in Navillera which came out in 2021. Then came his super popular series “Nevertheless”, which stirred the entire K-drama industry. And now, he is back to melting everyone’s heart in the ongoing drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”. The actor is also famous by the name ‘Son of Netflix’ as most of his series are of Netflix.

Song Kang’s photoshoot in the interview

Song Kang showed an extremely beautiful and elegant side to him during the photoshoot. He is radiating an aura that gives a youthful vibe and his gaze at the camera is breathtaking. The photoshoot was also joined by the Spring Summer 2022 Prada Collection.

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Song Kang interview
Song Kang

Song Kang sharing his take on his acting career

Following the photo shoot, Song Kang continued with the interview. In the interview, he shared his views about his career in the acting field. The interviewer asked him that did he ever feel lonely as being an actor often gives a feeling of loneliness. But Sing Kang replied confidently that he does not really feel lonely. He reasoned this by saying that he is not the only one present on the set but there are other actors with him too. These all actors are in front of the camera just like him and thus, he tries to enjoy those moments and be happy rather than feeling lonely. He tries to appreciate these times as he gets the opportunity to work with many other talented actors too.

Song Kang interview
Song Kang

Thus, he showed a very mature side to his professional life even though he is still a very young actor. This shows how dedicated SOng Kang is towards his career in the acting field. There are many people who might feel overwhelmed and stressed due to the pressure of doing better every time. But, Song Kang has a different perspective to look at things, and he tries to be optimistic. He surely has a lot of pressure to keep doing better and better with each new series as all of his series always turn out to be a super hit. In spite of this pressure, he tries to be confident in himself. In another interview, he revealed that whenever he gets worried about a difficult scene or a character, he clears his anxious thoughts by thinking ‘Why not!’ And with this, he dives into the role and does it with all his soul. And maybe that is the reason why all the viewers can feel his character’s every emotion as he portrays them with a sincere heart.

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The interview of Song Kang will be published in the April issue of Arena Homme Plus. Along with the interview, it will also feature his photos too. Till then we can enjoy his acting, visuals, and his smile in the super hit series “Forecasting Love and Weather.”

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