Son Naeun of APINK Transforms into A Medical Intern for Her Upcoming K-Drama ‘Ghost Doctor’

Son Naeun of APINK Transforms into A Medical Intern for Her Upcoming K-Drama “Ghost Doctor”
APINK's Son Naeun

APINK’s Son Naeun has again bagged all the headlines of the internet with her role in the upcoming drama “Ghost Doctor”. She is recognized as one of the members of the South Korean girl group “APINK” and also as one of the popular personalities in the arena of television screens. Apart from her singing career and group activities, she has also had a huge success in the South Korean acting industry. Flawlessly, Son Naeun is one of the globally recognized South Korean personalities.

Moreover, the news about her being starred in the upcoming South Korean drama series has left the internet on fire. All her fans out there are very excited about her role in the series, and they are stacking up social media platforms with the same. The eagerness can be seen very clearly, and we can say that the “Ghost Doctor” is going to be one of the most anticipated drama next year.

Here, we have gathered up all the details about her role in this new medical drama. So, let’s have a quick skim through it and know all about it.

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APINK’s Son Naeun: All About Her Character in the Drama Series

Song Naeun is going to portray the character of an emergency room intern named Oh Soo Jung. She is someone who has a firm belief in supernatural phenomenon and miracles despite being in the field of science and studying medicine.

Her character is bold and free who aspires to be a doctor like her late grandfather despite facing constant opposition from her mother. According to her mother, Soo Jung is a weak child and doesn’t deserve to be in the field of medicine.

Son Naeun of APINK Transforms into A Medical Intern for Her Upcoming K-Drama “Ghost Doctor”
Son Nauen in Ghost Doctor

The new stills released by the drama series have given us a brief glimpse of Son Naeun’s character. In the released pictures, she is seen in a white doctor uniform. She looks confident and gives off an unrivaled aura plus a friendly charm. Viewers out there can definitely look forward to the bright and cheerful character of Oh Soo Jung portrayed by Son Naeun.

The production team of the show pointed out that the character of Son Naeun, i.e., Oh Soo Jung radiates brave and positive energy which would make the viewers feel good. They also said that her loveliness is going to be a great addition to the character and richness to the drama.

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Ghost Doctor: Know Everything About the Drama

Ghost Doctor is an upcoming South Korean drama series directed by Boo Seong-cheol. The drama series is going to premiere soon enough next year on January 3, 2022. tvN is the original distributor of the show, and for online streaming, it will be available on TVING.

Portraying the genres of fantasy, medical, and drama, the series is written by Kim Sun-soo has a total of 16 episodes, each with a running time of 60 minutes. Every new episode would be released on Monday and Tuesday every week, and if the original release schedule is followed, then the final episode will air on February 22, 2022.

Son Naeun of APINK Transforms into A Medical Intern for Her Upcoming K-Drama “Ghost Doctor”
Still from Ghost Doctor

Apart from Son Naeun, the drama stars Rain as Cha Young-min, who is a surgeon with golden hands, Uee in the role of Jang Se-jin who is an ex-lover of Cha Young-min; and a neurosurgeon working overseas, and Kim Bum portrays the role of Go Seung-tak.

Furthermore, in the supporting role we have, Kim Jae-yong as Lee Seon-ho, Seo Ji-young as Ko Seong-hye, and Koh Sang-ho in the role of Ahn Tae-hyun.

The drama is packed with lighthearted content filled with a supernatural mystery. It revolves around two doctors from extreme backgrounds who have this supernatural ability to merge into one person. All in all, the drama is going to be one fun ride, and you definitely won’t like missing on it. Therefore, keep your next year’s calendar checked and date marked.

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