‘Something In The Rain’: Plot, Cast, Review & Where to Watch

Something In The Rain
Something In The Rain cr: Netflix

Something In The Rain is one of the dramas that will transport you to another world. Everything from the gentle noises of vehicles in the background down to the regular shots of taking your shoes off will make you feel like you are living in this drama. There is a legend that a lot of Korean drama fans believe in. They say that Jung Hae In and his heart-wrecking smile have a separate genre of their own and we do not disagree. Jung Hae (One Spring Night, A Piece Of Your Mind) and Son Ye Ji ( Crash Landing On You, Bad Guys Always Die) fit so perfectly in this brilliant storyline that you will feel like you are reading a diary.

Additionally, this K-Drama is also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food referring to the age gap between our two main leads. Although the drama is primarily branded a melodrama, let us tell you that it is so much more. The number of taboos and stereotypes that were not only effectively raised but also beautifully solved in this kdrama is immaculate.

A woman dating a man nearly ten years younger, the effect of parents on one’s relationship, the regular sexual workplace harassment that women face, and so much more are covered in Something In The Rain. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about its storyline, cast, and review.

The Spectacular Storyline Of Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain does not have a never seen before plot. Although the premise of this story is based on the romance of a woman in her 30s and a boy who is ten years younger. It is the attention to detail to every filial yet special emotion that the two feel which makes Something In The Rain stand out. Let us take you through the storyline of Something In The Rain by introducing you to the characters.

Yoo Jin Ah: The Galdrielic Female Lead

The female protagonist of this story is Yoo Jin Ah. As mentioned earlier, Yoo Jin Ah is in her thirties, and although she has a stable job as a supervisor for a coffee franchise. She lives her life aimlessly and without any motivation. A bit further into the story, she gets cheated on and dumped by her longtime boyfriend. If breaking the relationship was not enough, her ex went on to tell her that she is like a konjac (tasteless). Furthermore, Yoo Jin Ah constantly has to put up with her superior’s disgusting advances. How most of the women never speak up and deal with such abuse because of the fear of getting painted in certain limelight is beautifully showcased by Son Ye Jin. Yoo Jin Ah has an easy-going personality which often comes to bite her in the back.

Something In The Rain Cast
Something In The Rain cr; Netflix

Furthermore, Son Ye Jin through her role in this masterpiece of a K-Drama, completely reinvented herself. She perfectly captures the despair, hope, and love that Yoo Jin Ah feels at different parts of her life. How she shows no trace of the glamorous star that she is and fits into the role of a barely surviving woman is truly beyond us. Undoubtedly, Something In The Rain is Son Ye Jin’s best performance.

Seo Joon Hee: The Epitome of A Chivalrous Man

Moving on to our male lead, Seo Joon Hee. Seo Joon Hee’s character is one of the sweetest K-Drama male leads that you will find. But the brilliant writer Kim Eun ( One Spring Night) has added beautiful imperfections to the character. Seo Joon Hee is Yoo Jin Ah’s best friend’s younger brother. He starts working as a video game developer in the same building as Jin Ah after his return from the United States.

Something In The Rain Plot
Jung Hae In as Joon Hee cr: JTBC

What were just playful and wholesome dates with free foods from his noona (an elder female) surely but steadily start turning into affection and love? What is remarkable about his character is, boyfriend or not, Seo Joon Hee always stood by Yoo Jin Ah’s side in her moments of self-doubt. Although he is confident about his love and feelings for her, he waits for her to realize and come to him on his own. His character is portrayed by the beautiful Jung Hae In. This drama was his second venture in the beautiful world of Ahn Pan Seok and Kim Eun, which seems to have been created just for him.

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Seo Kyung Sun: The Best Friend We All Need

Coming to Seo Kyung Sun. The beautiful best friend who stood beside Yoo Jin Ah every step of the way. Both Yoo Jin Ah and her have stuck by each other’s side ever since childhood. Moreover, Yoo Jin Ah was the only person that Seo Kyung Sun could count on when her mother passed away. Among the millions of supportive best friends in kdramas that we have seen, Seo Kyun Sun needs a special mention. Through her kind eyes, she always looks out for her best friend and never once leaves her feeling weak.

Something In The Rain Cast
Something In The Rain cr: Netflix

Apart from being a strong pillar in Yoo Jin Ah’s life, Seo Kyung Sun was the one who raised Seo Joon Hee. When their mother passed away at a young age, Seo Kyung Sun decided to take the responsibility of being Joon Hee’s parent in her own hand. Despite being young and broken herself, she was able to raise her brother into a charming young man. This selfless character is portrayed by the queen of playing sweet roles, Jang So Yeon (Crash Landin On You)

The Perfectly Imperfect Relationship Of Seo Joon Hee and Yoo Jin Ah

Picking the best part from a drama like Something In The Rain is like telling someone to pick which room in heaven are they going to choose. Among the many good things that this kdrama blessed us with, Seo Joon Hee and Yoo Jin Ah’s relationship hit all the right spots. There was something about the couple that made them stand out in the sea. The two start their relationship based on love but have to face multiple hardships not just from society but also from their family. Yoo Jin Ah, who was living a tasteless life, following everyone around, and letting them have their way with her, finds her courage in Seo Joon Hee.

Something In The Rain Review
Something In The Rain cr: Netflix

Through his love, she finds what she deserves and discovers who she really is and what all she is capable of. A love so beautiful that it makes you become the best version of yourself is the strongest point of the romance. How the two of them build trust in each other and face the various hurdles thrown at them is truly inspiring. However, what the audience loved the most was how the couple never got it right on the first try. Seo Joon Hee and Yoo Jin Ah have shortcomings of their own but decide to be better for the sake of each other. Through their shy glances and pure smiles, Seo Joon Hee and Yoon Jin Ah will live in our heads, rent-free for a long time to come.

Something In The Rain: The Good And The Bad

This kdrama is filmed more like an independent film. It brings to light both how beautiful it is to find a person you love and but it also shows the trials one has to go through to keep that special person. Although the romance and chemistry are what stole the show. Something In The Rain is more about Yoo Jin Ah and her journey to discovering herself. Bit by bit, she progresses from always being the one who took all the unnecessary lectures and touches from her superiors to being the earliest to draw a line when the superiors tried to pull something cheeky. This kdrama does not have a grand plot where the main leads fight off the securities and sail across the ocean to be with each other.

But it is about two individuals breaking down the millions of unnecessary stereotypes set up by society and sailing across their imperfections and differences to hold each other in their life.

The Beautiful Cinematography and the OST of Something In The Rain

From the first time, Yoo Jin Ah realizes that she feels more for Joon Hee than she is supposed to. And even when they subtly confirm their feelings for each other, it is always raining. The show stays true to its title and proves that there is indeed something in the rain. It makes you stronger and more vulnerable at the same time. Furthermore, the songs picked out speak volumes of what each character is feeling. Every time that Yoo Jin Ah has to bear with a comment about her relationship with Joon Hee, Stand By Your Man in Carla Bruni’s beautiful voice plays gently in the background. The creators have also used the songs to create a contrast.

Songs about how hard love is, are played in moments when Yoo Jin Ah and Joon Hee are basking in each other’s glory. The art director pointed out that this trick was used to convey that the beauty of love can make it all easy. The original soundtrack of the drama is created by soulful artists like Rachel Yamagata and  Lee Nam Yun.

Where to Watch Something In The Rain?
Something In The Rain cr: Netflix

Where to Watch Something In The Rain?

This beautiful melodrama aired on JTBC on the 30th of March in 2018. Additionally, it consisted of a total of sixteen beautiful episodes that showcased the lives of Yoo Jin Ah and Joon Hee. Each one-hour-long episode of the series is full of beautiful sceneries, tear-jerking dialogues, and honest love that the couple has for each other. Viewers can also stream the series online on Netflix.

Something In The Rain Kdrama
Something In The Rain cr: Netflix

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