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S Rank-Hunter Sung Jinwoo vs The King of Dragons Continues In Delayed Chapter 176 of Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 176

Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 has recently delayed its release. But we will be looking at the latest updates of the previous chapter. Solo Leveling Season 2 reveals the final battle between S Rank-Hunter Sung Jinwoo vs. Antares the King of Dragons. It began when Sung Jinwoo refused to ally with Antares, who decided to kill him. In Solo Leveling Season 2’s latest chapter, Antares turns into a monster to punish Sung Jinwoo. But Sung Jinwoo unleashes Kaisel to counter those blows and tells Kaisel to go to the ground. Antares uses a cannon fire that missed the target.

Sung Jinwoo and Kaisel fight Antares from both sides, and their plan is working. He wonders if his attacks hurt Antares since he cannot see even a scratch on Antares. Antares says those strikes are nothing compared to his armored body, and he won’t even get a single scratch. The two decided to use something to hurt Antares, but they decided to escape. However, Antares blocks their path and uses Dragon Fear to drag them back. Sung Jinwoo saw Kaisel getting heart and losing the ability to fly since the wing was injured.

The two lands on the ground, Sung Jinwoo protect Kaisel. But Antares sends them flying using a Dragon Fear. Antares knows that a Shadow Monarch will never die after that blow. Sung Jinwoo strikes back and feels that the ground is like magma. It looks like a volcano has destroyed everything after erupting.  Antares release claw marks to hurt Sung Jinwoo, who summons Arise and three Shadow Soldiers. The Shadow Soldiers are the same height as Antares’s dragon form, biting his neck. They begin to punish Antares, who notices that they are hurting him.

 Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 175 Updates

Sung Jinwoo decided to use the flames of Ancient Dragons against Antares. He decided to let the Shadow Soldiers fight with Antares as he analyzed the battle to find Antares’s weakness. Sung Jinwoo has learned that Antares is exceptional, and he has to use different methods to defeat Antares, who possesses overwhelming powers. He vows to bring down the King of Dragons after crushing him. Sung Jinwoo summons powers to crush armored mountains since he wants to defeat the enemy with bare hands.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 176

Solo Leveling Season 2

He created a magical circle around him, and dark powers emerged. Antares landed a killer blow that killed one of the Shadow Soldiers. But he reminds Sung Jinwoo not to send weaklings unworthy to defeat him. Antares was stunned when he saw the powers surrounding Sung Jinwoo. He realizes that the power of darkness wonders how that bastard manages to get that. Antares knows that Sung Jinwoo had surpassed his limit to acquire those powers. He asks him if he is scheming and thinks he could land a blow to stop it.

Sung Jinwoo uses powers of darkness to put on a courtship. Antares thinks that no human can use astraulization. He knows that the Shadow Monarch has a form of the human form, and they will never surpass that, But he learns that Sung Jinwoo possesses the powers of Death and brought them into this world. He wonders how a mere human pulled that trick. Sung Jinwoo turns into his armored form and wields the power of Death in a fantastic way that surprises Antares. Sung Jinwoo shows the true strength that Ashborn Shadow Monarch bestowed on him. Antares believed that the Sung Jinwoo’s new form was a person who lived between the Realm of Living and the Dead.

Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 Release Date

Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 will be released on 9 December 2021. The manga delayed chapter 176, but it will be released soon. The next chapter will arrive early on Thursday, but it will be on Wednesday in other countries. Let’s look at Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 official details.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 176

Solo Leveling Season 2

Read Solo Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 Online Raw Details

You will be able to read Solo-Leveling-Season 2 Chapter 176 online on various websites. Antares realizes that Sung Jinwoo is better, he thought, and Ashborn gave him those powers because of his extraordinary strength. The spoilers of chapter 176 will arrive soon. Let’s meet when Solo-Leveling Season 2-Chapter 176  is released.

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