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Spoilers: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158

The brawl between The Goliath, aka Thomas Andre, and Mysterious Beast continues with Thomas charging at full speed. Sung Jinwoo heard the news from Chairman Woo Jin-Chul and wonders who is clashing with the monster. Meanwhile, in another country, a respected Hunter arrives and asks about the evacuation situation. The low-rank Hunter replies they are still evacuating the citizens inside the building. The honorable Hunter asks about the Guilds on the site. One of the Hunters reveals that they have the Fled and The White Tiger Guild have both got dispatched. Let’s look at Solo Leveling Season 2 below.

They also talked about the Hunters who have gathered. It will be difficult for the Beast to surrender now. The low-rank Hunters suggest that the Hunters Guild must continue to focus on protecting the citizens while they carry out the evacuation. The respected Hunter wonders how powerful is the Beast since the low-rank Hunters believe that the Beast won’t surrender now. He realizes that Thomas Andre is a National Level Hunters, and he is the one clashing with the Mysterious Magic Beast. No one is expecting that the Mysterious Magic Beast can surpass The Goliath.

The Hunter felt a massive presence that is more powerful than the one he felt during the Jeju Island Raid. He wonders what kind of being that The Goliath is fighting against; cut to the battle scene, Thomas received a mighty blow that sent him flying, but he maintained his balance. The two begin to exchange powerful blows while Thomas shows a new version of himself. The Beast flies at full speed, trying to counterattack The Goliath but the blow miss since Thomas manages to jump back in time.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 157 Highlights

Thomas takes the battle to a distance trying to read the movements of the Beast. The Beast managed to dive and take Thomas to the ground using a super move called ”Spear.” Thomas try to stand firm, but the Beast keeps on pushing forward, showering him with a hammer blow. Seeing Thomas struggling to send him back, the Beast smiles, but the two got separated after canceling each other attack.

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Thomas realizes that the Beast is not here to play, and he means business and thinks it is time for ”Reinforcement.” Meanwhile, a group of Hunter arrives at the subjugation site led by the respected Hunter. The respected Hunters ask his team if they are ready, and they got surprised after seeing the ”MegicBeast” that got reported to be rampaging on this site. They also spot the mysterious guy in another form and wonder who that guy is.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158


One of the Hunters realizes that it is Thomas Andre, The Goliath in his new form. Thomas has entered the ”Reinforcement” mode after learning that the Mysterious Magic Beast is a worthy opponent. The Hunters praised Thomas and told him that he is the best after witnessing that he is doing a great job by stopping the enemy. One of the Hunters told Thomas to slash the daring Beast. Thomas scolds the hunters to arrive at the scary scene and tells them to hurry up and take cover since they will witness a fierce battle.

Thomas notices that the guy he is fighting with is not a normal monster. One of the hunters tries to stand against the Beast, but he realizes that he has no match as they square off and felt the presence of different monstrous animals within the Beast’s body. The Beast possesses the Sixth sense of an animal, and the respected Hunter realizes that he can’t even make eye contact. He gives up and passes the Beast with fear while Thomas walks towards the Beast. The Beast uses magnetic powers and floats all the metal objects in the air, smashing Thomas with those metals.

Thomas manages to deflect all the metal objects away. Suddenly, the Beast gets surprised when Thomas begins to punish him with massive punches and realizes that Thomas is more vital in his new form. The Beast realizes that he won’t win if he keeps on receiving massive barrages like this, and Thomas pulverizes him. The Beast transforms and asks Thomas if he is afraid since a puppet can’t beat him. Thomas’s assistant interferes, noticing that his master almost got killed. The chapter continues with Thomas unconscious on the floor with his assistant protecting him. We will see more of the battle in Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158 release date is 15 July 2021. The Solo Leveling chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazine.

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