So Ri Finds out That Ha Ru Is Her Brother In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 35

Love Twist I Otakukart
Love Twist I Otakukart

So Ri is working hard to make her company a success. Still, she is not getting any investments because her father is blocking all the investors. He plans to bring So Ri into Dongbang. In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 35, Ha Ru comes back to South Korea and plans to stay back for a year. When Yoon-ah hears this, she comes to the country with her daughter.

After Ha Ru finds out that Gwang Nam is not his father, he regrets leaving So Ri because of this. He sees So Ri from afar after five years but doesn’t talk to her. Also, everyone finds out that Ok Hee is back and is not doing well. However, the truth is that she plans to fulfill her father-in-laws’ will to include Ha Ru in their family registry.

‘Love Twist’ Episode 34 Recap

Till now, we have seen that So Ri is living a normal life with Kyung Joon’s family. She is trying to make ‘Twist’ a success again. Everyone thinks that she should take her father’s help, but her self-respect doesn’t allow it. Her son has no idea about his mother’s family and keeps living a normal life. While So Ri is living with Kyung Joon’s family, Gwang Nam marries Hee Ok and is not able to adjust to his new life. When he visits a construction site, he sees Ok Hee and tries to catch up to her. She visits the area often to see her grandson secretly.

Ha Ru is living his life in the U.S as a tech genius, unaware of what is going on in So Ri’s life. When Park Ki Tae is released from jail, he meets Dong-man and becomes suspicious of his statement about Ha Ru’s father. Finally, he realizes that everyone has made a fool out of him and emails Ha Ru that Gwang Nam is not his father. He tells him to come to South Korea if he wants to know about his true father.

Ha Ru meets Ki Tae
Ha Ru meets Ki Tae

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Ha Ru Meets Park Ki Tae

After receiving the email, Ha Ru comes back to South Korea and meets Ki Tae. When Ki Tae tells him that he is his real father, he does not believe it. However, Ki Tae asks him for some money to prove it with a DNA test. No matter how much he tries, Ha Ru is in no mood to hear it. He tells Ki Tae that he has given up his parents and he is an orphan, so he doesn’t want to get involved with his supposed father. After he leaves, Ki Tae is frustrated as he did not get anything out of it again.

‘Love Twist’ Episode 35 Preview

Ok Hee finally meets her grandson outside the kindergarten. When Mi Ja sees her, she gets emotional and introduces her to Han Byeol. They have a talk after that, and Mi Ja tells her all about So Ri’s business and asks her for help. Still, she knows that her daughter will not accept her help. Another concern of Mi Ja is Ok Hee vanishing again. However, she assures her that she is here for some work and will not disappear again.

Ha Ru's father
Ha Ru’s father

‘Love Twist’ Episode 35 Release Date

The ‘Love Twist’ Episode 35 will release on 28th January 2022. Ha Ru pays an employee at Dongbang to acquire Gwang Nam’s DNA sample. When the results of the test come back, Ha Ru finds out that Gwang Nam is not his father. Moreover, he has been buying Dongbang’s stocks secretly and plans to take over the company. In ‘Love Twist’ episode 35, Ha Ru will tell Gwang Nam that he wants to be included in his family registry and wants to accept him as his father. On the other hand, Ok Hee tells So Ri that she and Ha Ru are siblings. What will happen when everyone finds out that Han Byeol is Ha Ru’s son?

Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 35?

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Love Twist’ episode 35 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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