Smite Season 9: New God & Gameplay Features

Smite Season 9 Content And Release Date
Smite Season 9

Hi-Rez Studios started the year with a bang for the players of Smite by announcing season 9 for the game. What is it bringing in Smite? Who is the new god? Is there a new mode for the game? In this blog, we will discuss everything regarding season 9 of Smite in detail. Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena third-person video game by Hi-Rez Studios. The game launched in 2014 for Microsoft Windows, in 2015 for Xbox, in 2016 for Playstation, and in 2019 for Nintendo Switch. The game offers multiple PvP modes for the players to enjoy.

The modes include Conquest, Joust, Clash, Siege, Assault, Arena, and Matchmaking. There is a total of 117 playable gods in the Smite, with a new god releasing every new season. The game is successful in the E-Sports world, with the first official World Championship in January 2015 with a prize pool of 2.6 million dollars. Smite, at its release, received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and received over three million payers. In 2020, the number reached over 40 million players.

Smite Season 9: Contents

Hi-Rez Studios has finally shown the Smite fans about season 9. Smite’s new season has many new things for the players to take their gameplay to a whole new level. Let us see what Season 9 is bringing in for the Smite players.

Slash Mode

Season 9 of Smite is bringing in a new game mode, replacing Siege and Clash mode. The new game mode is known as Slash and is a hybrid of the two maps it is replacing, giving the best of both maps it is replacing. The mode will have jungle-focused areas found in-between and around the lanes of Siege and Clash mode.

New Game Mode Slash

The Slash mode will have the end goal of Clash mode, with the aim to destroy opponents two Phoenix and Titan, and will include the Siege’s objective-focused feature like killing jungle camps, killing minions, etc. The Slash mode’s map will have a dual lane, an open center, and two teams of five players each.

The other two modes, Siege and Clash, will not be in the game from Season 9 onwards. But the players can still play custom matches in those modes. 

New Era Event

The Season 9 new Era Event will be known as the Dharmic Era Event. Hi-Rez Studios have said that the Dharmic Era Event will have event bundles with exclusive content every two weeks. 

Week 1: Dharma Bundle

  • Skin for Charybdis and Kulkan
  • Loading Screen of Bone Wraith
  • Cutesy Avatar for Charybdis’ Prototype skin

Week 2: Varna Bundle

  • Skin for Arachne and Osiris
  • An Announcer Pack
  • A jump stamp of Spider!

The event will have Codexes that players can find by questing in the game, like seeing them in the game, playing as or against them, etc.


The Conquest mode has got some changes which will start with season 9 of the game. 

The Mode will have:

  • New Objectives – The conquest’s new objective will be known as Obelisk, which will grant the team Indra’s Scepter, a jungle buff. The team will have to offer offerings to power up the Obelisk, which they get from marked camps.
  • Gameplay – Many new gameplay changes are coming with season 9, like the new Naga NPC, Obelisk’s marked camps, stealing opponents’ offerings from their obelisks, etc.
  • Indra Scepter – A new Jungle buff granted when players offer all seven offerings to Obelisk. It remains active for Four Minutes. The buff will offer HP to nearby allies if there are no enemies nearby. If enemies are nearby, Scepter will throw lightning projectiles up to five enemies simultaneously.

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Smite New God: Shiva The Destroyer 

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the new god coming in the game with Season 9. The new god arriving in Season 9 is Shiva the Destroyer from the Hindu Mythology. Shiva will be the third Hindu Myth god in the game after Kali and Ganesha.

The studio has not yet shown anything regarding God Shiva’s powers, moveset, or Gameplay. The god Shiva, during its production, was properly consulted with professionals so that he is depicted both accurately and respectfully in the game, as confirmed by Hi-Rez Studios.

SMITE Season 9 Release Date

Hi-Rez Studios announced SMITE Season 9 to be released on 25 January 2022. The announcement for the same was made on 6 January 2022.

Shiva in Season 9

The new god, Shiva, will officially release sometime in February 2022 for all players as no confirmed release date is out yet. But if the players buy a Season Pass for $40, then they will get early access to Shiva the Destroyer.

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