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Spoilers & Preview: Slime Diaries Episode 8

Slime Diaries
Rimuru and Ranga

Great Sage communicates with Rimuru about the current state of affairs. Rimuru accepted a playback mode. Great Sage reveals the truth about Rimuru’s past and the incidents that he has encountered. Rimuru saw the day when he first met Gazel, who is the King of Dwargon. Great Sage showed Rimuru the day of founding the Master’s nation of the Jura Tempest Federation. After that, they deployed a relationship between the Armed Nation of Dwargon and the Jura Tempest Federation.

Rimuru also revisited the day he met with the Demon Lord Milimi Nave. That day Milimi singlehandedly smash Rimuru and his monster nation alone. After the battle, Rimuru raises the white flag, but they end up allying. Rimuru was impressed by Milimi since she can take out an army of thousands alone. The Great Sage also reveals about the Tempest Federation falls. That day Rimuru got defeated for the second time, and the Demon Lord Milimi told him that they would serve her.

Previously on Slime Diaries Episode 7

Rimuru raises the white flag for the second time. The episode is titled Milimi Diaries: Here Comes The Demon Lord. Milimi is about the era where Rimuru tried to unite different nations and stops the war. In the morning, Shion and Shuna take care of an unknown girl who fell asleep after eating. Rimuru is sleeping near that girl, and he had a dream when he was with her. In his dream, Rimuru is shown waving the white flag, asking Milimi to be his teacher since he wants to be the Demon Lord.

Milimi accepted Rimuru’s offer and commented that Rimuru is her best friend. Rimuru jumped and told Milimi that he loves her. Milimi got excited, hugging Rimuru. Suddenly the girl sleeping near Rimuru wakes up and finds that everyone is not around. She wonders where everyone has gone to. Meanwhile, Rimuru and the monster nation are in a meeting room. They reveal that the girl that was sleeping is Lady Milimi. Benimaru told the others that Milimi is Rimuru’s best friend.

The opposite that Rimuru expected happened. Everyone inside the room voted that Great Rimuru will be in charge of Lady Milimi. Rimuru realizes that it is different from his dream since he was Lady Milimi’s student. But now Lady Milimi has become his student. Milimi kicks the door and enters the room, asking Rimuru if he is ready to be a Demon Lord. Rimuru told Milimi that he is busy building a nation.

Demon Lord

Slime Diaries

Slime Diaries

Milimi is not aware the things have changed, and she has become a student instead of becoming Rimuru’s teacher. Rimuru said if he becomes a Demon Lord, it will bring him more enemies and obligations. Milimi tries to convince Rimuru, but she has no idea how she can compliment a Demon Lord. She told Rimuru that it would be fun taking out big names, and everyone will bow in front of him. Benimaru, Sozous, Shuna, and Shion got impressed by Milimi’s speech. They started thinking about what will happen if Rimuru becomes the

Demon Lord. Rigur is not interested in that idea since the Jura Tempest is in peace, and they are enjoying their lives without any war. Milimi heard an alarm ringing and realizes that it is time for lunch. She is disappointed that they have to eat veggies again. Milimi comments that these are not cookies; they are straight-up carrots. She wonders who has carrots for lunch. Shuna and Rimurui praised those carrots, but Benimaru is also tired of eating veggies.

He realizes that they have no choice since Shuna and Shion do the kitchen work, and no one can go against their decision. Later Milimi walked through the town and met with different monsters; she told them that she remembers them, and they realize that this is the Demon Lord that pulverized them in the past.  Rimuru and Milimi enjoy exploring the Jura Tempest, and he ends up carrying her on his back. Milimi realizes that Rimuru loves this nation.

Slime Diaries Episode 8 Release Date

Slime Diaries Episode 8 will release on Tuesday, 25 May 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can officially watch Slime Diaries online on Crunchyroll.

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