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Skylines: Movie Review – How Aliens Help Humans

Skylines.: Movie Review- Find Out How Aliens Help Humans!
A Sequence Where A Human Seek Energy From An Alien.

Liam O’Donnell directed and wrote the movie Skylines, also known as Skyline 3. The movie a 2020 American science fiction action movie. It is a sequel to Beyond Skyline (2017) and the ultimate entry in the Skyline trilogy. The film hit the box office at the London FrightFest Flim Festival on October 25, 2020. The movie hit the box office on December 18, 2020, in the United States in arenas and on Apple TV by Vertical Entertainment.

“Skylines” needs what Michael Bay, Paul W.S. Anderson, and other directors of their caliber have. To create B-movie prediction, because the “B” now reaches for “blockbuster,” with the VFX-heavy representation of battling aliens and flying ships within space. Every bit of this movie craves to be on the same general shelf as something like Bay “Transformers” or Anderson’s “Resident Evil” movies. However, it doesn’t do rather carve out its own space. An alien asteroid shouldn’t look like this rote. The same goes with the life-or-death engagement that happens on it. 

Skylines.: Movie Review- Find Out How Aliens Help Humans!


However, what director Liam O’Donnell has is that those genre juggernauts don’t have a bigger sense of humor. Outtakes after the accounts. For all the strait-laced nonproprietary sci-fi plotting that displays in the previous 105 minutes of “Skylines,” it’s the photographs of costumes falling apart, green-screen organizations, and miffed fight choreography at the end that shows how to obtain this movie best: a can-do enthusiasm project that requires to honor VFX artists as the true heroes (O’Donnell is recognized as a VFX supervisor). 

But when it comes to its tale, well, that’s a far scarce charismatic pull.

The Trilogy

“Skylines” (known in the cr3dits as “SKYLIN3S”) is certainly the third film in the “Skyline” now-trilogy, which commenced back in 2010 with a “Cloverfield”-like alien aggression, directed on the economy by Greg and Colin Strause regularly on the streets of LA. O’Donnell’s directorial première, ” Beyond Skyline”(which also had outtakes), developed from that same story regarding alien ships using extensive rays of blue lights to rip people into the sky and then draw out their brains and concentrated on human understandings and alien physicality might mix. 

“Skylin3s” maintains that attractive growth of the story. Even if the films are ho-hum in their performance, they show how a privilege can evolve instead of reproducing itself. 

One of the holiest ideas in “Beyond Skyline” included a human-alien baby named Rose who, to quote my analysis of that uniformly lacking movie, “grows up fast.” It’s a great way to discover a new hero (who has some alien powers of her own) without becoming to age them over a privilege constantly and makes for a grown-up Rose in “Skylines” (played by Lindsey Morgan). No longer the newborn she was presently ago. She’s now the key to conserving both the aliens (there are good ones) and the personal race because of a plot-line that bizarrely includes, yes, a pandemic. 

The good aliens on Earth; Including Rose’s buddy Trent (another tall, squid-like extraterrestrial with goat legs with Trent’s head inside), are sick with something that will soon turn them dark against humans, except their beacon is destroyed. This is another interesting idea on the outset—a tenuous rapprochement of two species beforehand at war with each other. However, it becomes an untidy idea due to O’Donnell’s weak personality development.

The Speech

The most limited cast makes an above-expectations dedication to the material, particularly lead Lindsey Morgan, who represents Rose, a fiery, likable protagonist, not to mention an extremely capable physical specimen.  Meanwhile, Alexander Siddig is having a great time as General Radford. If perhaps not fully swallowing the scenery is at least enthusiastically nibbling on it – particularly when Radford paraphrases J. Robert Oppenheimer’s famous “Now I have become death” speech.

Veteran Hollywood martial performer Daniel Bernhardt also gets a fun role as Rose’s tough-as-nails merc teammate Owens, giving Bernhardt a few neat possibilities to showcase his recorded weapons. 

Skyliners: Movie Review- Find Out How Aliens Help Humans!

The Good Alien Helping The Humanity.

Less well-served, however, are James Cosmo and Rhona Mitra, whose capabilities are largely wasted as two victims of the aforementioned Earth-set subplot. By the time act three turned around, I had to ask myself – do I care about these characters or anything that’s happening? The answer, unhappily, was a resounding “no.” All in all, for its corresponding visual splendor, splashy gunfights, and military arts mayhem, I was left seriously wanting to see more of Grillo and Uwais’ personalities from the previous movie.

The Best Of Best

Though the general production is never smaller than competent, Skylines’ Syfy-calibre script too often performs a low-energy chore. All in all, it’s an extraordinary VFX show-reel pending the price-tag, if otherwise a fairly forgettable slab of kitschy hokum.

To achieve her save-the-world purpose, Rose is set up with “the best of the best.” Before you can rotate your eyes, the movie at yet different cliche (delivered after the conductor, played by Alexander Siddig, discharges himself a stiff libation of Calm Power Move), “Skylines” goes into a standard installation of said protected, ready, sometimes sassy teammates. Some of them have British pronunciations. However, most of them display characters the script will later abandon when it’s time to fend off aliens. Their journey leads them into a wormhole and an asteroid called Cobalt 1, where evil aliens mill about.

Bluffed Trade Mark

As if stuck to the franchise’s trademark of sinister blue light, “Skylines” consumes a lot of time with its characteristics suffocated by a mix of drab black and blues. Decreasing our worry about what’s in the darknesses of Cobalt 1.
Their first instant threat is a batch of pseudo-transparent aliens who pop in and out; Which would be more unfortunate if their fuzziness didn’t make them resemble like they were still performing in post. Like many the performance thrills “Skylines” tries to offer everywhere, it’s understandable. However, almost all functions mostly keep your eyes away from noticing the stagey sets, which thankfully include red and bright lights for contrast.

Things are a little more polished back on Earth, where the alien pandemic leads to occasional, frantic ambush exhibitions in London that at least take place in daylight. Dr. Mal (Rohna Mitra) has estimated out a serum but tries to hold off invading aliens. She gets compensation from Elaine (Samantha Jean), who too can fend them off with firepower.

This progression is scattered out in the overall story. As if it were one big action scene we get as a financial break from the Cobalt business. Like Rose’s commission to apprehend the aliens’ egg-like life-source for the aliens, it feels mostly unnecessary. This subplot incorporates a special presentation from Indonesian martial arts master Yayan Ruhian. Beforehand of “Beyond Skyline” and “The Raid” movies, which slips around O’Donnell’s sufficient fight exhibitions and kicks some alien ass. For those commanding track at home, that’s at most limited more than what J.J. Abrams-produced the Ruhian to appear in “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.”

“Skylines” marches to its last showdown between good and evil. So, give or take a couple of dishonesty, with corniness as its North Star. That’s the ruined mentality behind this movie—for all the industry into making bombastic sci-fi action without a studio tentpole’s budget. It just implies that people won’t miss originality. And originality is what views look for to rate a movie full five stars.

(The movie is so unoriginal that I understand I had the same complaint about “Beyond Skyline.”) And it ignores how directors like Bay. Anderson converted popular. Because they have a technique of their own, whether or not it’s been implemented to some junky commodities and franchises. O’Donnell’s sequel doesn’t repeat a superb or compelling vision, so much as one that is energetically ready for hire.

And yet, the series has prepared this far that it wouldn’t overwhelm anyone to see a fourth film published a few years down the line. It unquestionably sets one up. At this point, audiences’ patience for entertaining this bizarre attempt of a franchise may well have run out.


The film was inaugurated theatrically in Vietnam on December 11 and earned $49,978 from 960 theaters in its availability weekend. Ranking fifth with an aggregate of $52 per theater. The film had 915 theaters in its sophomore weekend, standing eighth with $972 and a decrease of 98.1%.

From my assessment of the film, it is rated at 2.5 out of 5. While the Skylines managed to build the story of its predecessor, it failed to deliver an entertaining premise throughout.

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