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Top Anime To Watch if You Liked Code Geass

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is a popular anime with an IMDb rating of 8.6. The show is extremely famous for its protagonist Lelouch vi Britannia and the amazing twists and turns it takes. Code Geass is an intelligent show, so for those who enjoy a little brain grind while watching something, this show is definitely the go-to for you. The story follows Lelouch, a prince who gets exiled from his kingdom. Moving forward, a witch gives him the power of the Geass, a mystical ability that helps him control anyone’s mind in a limited fashion. With these powers of the Geass and the resistance force known as The Black Knights, Lelouch sets out to avenge his mother’s murderers and destroy the Britannic Empire from which he was exiled.

Lelouch is considered one of the smartest characters in all of anime, and so this list will consist of animes that can stand up to these standards of intelligence. Without further ado, here are some animes you should check out if you love Code Geass.

1. Death Note

20 Facts About "Death Note" You Should Know

If you’ve watched Code Geass, there’s a very high chance you’ve watched Death Note already too. But if you haven’t check it out. Because this one is a staple anime for anyone who sets foot into the Otaku world. Death Note has some similar elements like Code Geass. For example, both have extremely smart characters to boast and mystical powers which allow the protagonist to influence other people. Unlike Code Geass, Death Note is set in the modern world. It revolves around Light Yagami, a teen with a very high intellect, who stumbles upon a book called, you guessed it, Death Note.

This note allows him to kill off anyone he wishes to simply by writing their names in it. Light initially starts by killing off criminals one by one and this raises the alarms of global security forces. And in this chaotic time, L Lawliet, a world-class detective takes on the responsibility to hunt down the mysterious killer and bring him to justice. Doubtlessly one of the best animes out there.

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2. Future Diary

Future Diary

A show about 12 people, all of whom own a Future Diary. This diary allows them to look into the future 90 days ahead of them. The goal? Kill all the diary holders until only one is left. Why? To become the God of Time and Space and somehow prevent an upcoming Apocalypse. By the description, you must’ve figured out how complicated things can get with this kind of storyline. It has blood, gore, and a lot of thinking. Characters have to plan a lot with the future they can see in the diary. And using this knowledge to their best advantage to kill off their opponents. It’s like a wild game of chess where the pawns are the people. Definitely a show you need to check out if you love working up your brain.

3. Monster

Monster anime

A psychological thriller, Monster is about a surgeon named Dr. Kenzo who decides to operate on a boy named Johan instead of the Mayor. Because of this controversial decision, everyone starts looking down on him. Years later, Kenzo comes to the realization that by saving Johan all he really did was give a chance to live to a monster. A lot of people die and a lot of things unfold throughout the story as Kenzo decides to put a stop to Johan and his deeds. A perfect watch for anyone who loves dark and mind-twisting shows. This one has more real-world applications as it has no element of fantasy or sci at all unlike the others on the list.

4. Another

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A great anime set in a small town named Yomiyama. The protagonist, Koichi Sakakibara transfers to his hometown and joins the Yomiyama Middle School which is plagued by a mysterious curse. The class 3-3, co-incidentally also Koichi’s class, always has an Extra student among them. The twist is, this extra student is already dead and doesn’t yet realize it. Because of this person’s existence, everyone else in the class slowly starts dying because of mysterious events. And so, the hunt to track and kill that one person begins. Think about the Final Destination movies and pair them up to the famous Among Us game and that should sum up the basic premise of this anime. A great pick if you want your mind worked upon a one-time binge.

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5. Psycho-Pass


Set in a dystopian Japan, Psycho-Pass is a psychological thriller about a society where the crime rate is nearly 0. Everyone is under surveillance by the Sibyl System. What this system does is simply measure the probability of a citizen committing a crime and commands law enforcement to punish this person reasonably before the crime even happens or is proved. Akane Tsunemori is a rookie inspector who tries to hunt down Shogo Makishima, a criminal who commits hideous crimes and yet, has a very low rating on the Sibyl System. It’s full of twists and mind games from the characters and is perfect if you love Code Geass. The times these two are set in couldn’t be more different but regardless both are brilliant watches and deserve to be on your list.

So this was a list of animes you should check out if you loved Code Geass. Are there any other we missed out on? Let us know in the comments.

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