Shoto Vs. Dabi: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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Shoto vs. Dabi: Who would win?
Shoto vs. Dabi: Who would win?

Getting into the world of My Hero Academia we got a lot of things to explore and know. The series offers us so many wonderful characters all of them using a whole various range of powers. All the characters have a different level of powers which overpowers one from another. Getting into this kind of comparison, most of the time we think about the strength comparison between these two popular characters. Shoto Todoroki and Dabi the Todoroki brothers who are extremely strong but have are unfortunately against each other. One is a Super Hero trainee and the other is one of the major villains of the series. The time they are coming face to face will be the time that will give fans major excitement.

Kohei Horikoshi’s My hero Academia has literally become the face for the huge shonen genre. The manga of the series has been running since 2014 and has given us a lot of wonderful and action-packed arcs. As for the anime series, it is equally cool and follows the progression of the manga. Till now the manga has been collected in 33 volumes and keeping ahead from the anime series. Lately, there are some circumstances going on that will eventually lead to a heated battle between Dabi and Shoto. According to all the fans, this is the most anticipated battle of the series and will surely break the internet.

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About Shoto and Dabi

Getting started with the introduction of Shoto Todoroki and Daki also known as Toya. As I have mentioned above that these two characters are actually siblings which make them be at each other’s throats. Shoto and Toya Todoroki are the sons of The Flame Hero Endeavor where Toya is the elder one. Beginning from the time when Toya was born his father found out that Toya got the flame quirk stronger than him. This made Enji make Toya train at a young age with a motive to surpass All Might someday. However, things didn’t turn this way as Toya grew stronger his own flames started affecting him. This didn’t go unnoticed by Enji so he asked Toya to concentrate on something else. But he didn’t seem to stop and as a result of Enji totally neglected him and after having Shoto he start training him.

Dabi felt the need for attention and started to hate Shoto who was getting all the attention from his father due to having a gift of two quirks. Dabi started to develop a hatred from both his father and Shoto little did he know that Shoto was a mere tool for their father to surpass All Might. The rejection made him follow the villainy path and be what he is now. Initially, Shoto was not aware of Dabi being his elder brother. However, during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi revealed it himself. Dabi also revealed the fact that he really wanted to kill Shoto once he became a successful hero. Just because of him being Enji’s little puppet and following his path for being a hero.

Shoto Vs. Dabi who would win?
Shoto and Dabi are about to confront each other

Shoto Vs. Dabi: Who would Win?

Coming up to the most anticipated question of the ages, if Shoto and Dabi confront each other in a one-on-one battle then who will win? The manga is progressing on this lately and you will get to witness it really soon. However, till then let’s evaluate this question. If you see this question on the basis of their quirks and abilities then I would say that Shoto will win. Dabi is a super strong person and his flame quirk even surpassed his father’s. But we all know that every power comes at a cost. In a battle when Dabi will access the full extent of his flames, they will exert a strong effect on him as he has a much lower tolerance to heat.

Whereas for Shoto, we know that he is yet to master the use of his fire quirk but he already knows how to use his ice quirk to a full extent. Shoto is able to regulate his body temperature with his quirks that enables him to go to a full extent. Although Dabi has already defeated an ice manipulator ones but fighting an ice creator who can also use a fire quirk will be a tough one for him. If Shoto would be able to trap Dabi in some sort of hard ice trick then unfortunately Dabi has to inflict some life-threatening actions on him to get out of that. So, we can say if Dabi will not take his power to a full extent he will be defeated by Shoto and if he does then he will harm himself. Either way, it is a losing game for Dabi.

Shoto Vs. Dabi - Who would Win?
What happens if Shoto and Dabi came across each other in a battle

Will Shoto’s mother’s side can influence this battle?

Another thing that comes along with the battle of Shoto and Dabi is their mother’s influence on both of them. We all know that Rei Todoroki was the only one who has judged both of her children equally. The time when Toya was getting neglected by his father she stood by him and told Enji that ‘it is the only acknowledgment that he needs. After that time both Rei and Enji’s relationship started to get sour. Enji abused Rei to an extent where she literally psyched out and poured boiling water on Shoto which she realized immediately. However, Shoto never blamed her for his and this is possible that this emotional side will come in between the battle. Shoto might think of her mother and in order to not make her further depressed, he might defeat Dabi but also save him from destroying himself.

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