Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 268 Review

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 268

Hello, everyone. Today we’ll take a look at Shokugeki no Soma chapter 268, which was just released. The chapter is titled “Souma and Megumi’s Hot Spring Case Files, Part 4 – Tootsuki Academy’s Tenth Seat, Megumi Tadokoro” and it gives us more background on the Midnight Chefs as an organization and continues the encounter of Soma and Megumi with the Midnight Chef.

The chapter starts out pretty strong, in the south of the US near the border with Mexico. A what looks like a mafioso gives our Midnight Chef a contract which basically says that if the attendees are even slightly displeased by his food, he’ll be killed. Our antagonist wasn’t too impressed or scared so it probably was nothing new for him. All of this escalated pretty quickly, from just a cooking school to literally cooking for your life. I’m not sure if this is a good change but for me, it spices the manga a bit. I just hope the mangakas don’t forget the roots of Shokugeki no Soma and transform this into some sort of life or death Shokugeki for our protagonists later on.

Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 268 Review

We finally get back to the present, the inn owner looks scared of him while Soma and Megumi don’t really seem to care. We finally find out the reason behind all the disappearances and it doesn’t really make sense. Why would you close your source and income and flee just because you lost a match? Anyway, our antagonist seems hell-bent on closing down all the bad places in Japan and it doesn’t look like he’ll back down from this place either. Megumi suddenly decided she had enough of him and asks if he wants to taste her cooking which will represent the true flavors of the hotel. The antagonist obviously accepts the duel and Megumi insists she cooks alone. If Megumi loses, she and Soma would become his slaves. This reminds me of the Autumn Elections where Soma said he’ll quit being a chef if he loses to Mimasaka so it looks like the mangakas finally decided to give Megumi a win in a 1 vs 1. Megumi is being nice all the way to the end and tells the inn owners to keep the place open regardless of what will happen. I really like this character trait of hers and the geisha attire looks amazing on her.

For unknown reasons, the inn owners believe Megumi can’t even cook. Well, while that might’ve been in a way true right at the beginning of the series, she looks a lot more confident now and her skills are definitely the real deal. The inn owners seem to agree with me as they look amazed at how skilled she is. Soma says Megumi is one of the Elite Ten and the inn owners look even more shocked. The only person that wasn’t shocked yet is the antagonist but I guess his turn will come.

Our antagonist looks really confident and it’s understandable considering who he worked for and with. Megumi finally finishes up her dish and presents it to him. In the end, while Megumi’s attire certainly impressed him, he looked quite shocked when he saw her dish. It’s finally Megumi’s time to shine and I expect great things next chapter.

Overall, I’ll give the chapter an 8.5/10. I loved to see Megumi so confident in her cooking and she certainly improved as the 10th seat. This chapter looked like only a set up for something bigger, like an all-out conflict with the Midnight Chefs, since Erina didn’t look too tolerant with their use of Shokugeki. I expect great things to happen in the next chapter.


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