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Shinbi House Season 4 Episode 2: Release Date & Where To Watch

Shinbi House Season 4 episode 2
Shinbi House Season 4

Do you know about episode 2 of Shinbi House Season 4? Nowadays, everybody is asking about the release date of Shinbi House Season 4. Shinbi House is a very popular anime. It is the only anime children’s horror animation media. The anime is very popular by the name The Haunted House. It is also popular by its name ‘Shinbi Apartment.‘ Shinbi House is the most favorite anime of children. Every country’s children are crazy about this anime. The anime has a total of 3 series. Each series have received more than a million views. Every episode of this anime is loved by millions of people. Thousands of people had waited for its new season.

As of now, the news of the new season has spread. People have gone mad. They are continuously asking about its release date, story & genre. It seems that the audience is so excited to watch Shinbi House’s season 4. People have made this anime a trend on social media. People from every corner of the world are asking about episode 2 of Shinbi House Season 4. They are continuously tweeting on Twitter about the new season of The Haunting House. But don’t worry our beloved readers, Otakukart is here for you all. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Shinbi Apartment season 4. We will also talk about episode 2 of Shinbi House Season 4. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

Shinbi House 4 Episode 2 Release Date

The answer to the most-awaited question is here. Yes, we have the release date of Shibi House season 4 episode 2. Shinbi House Season 4 Episode 1 was premiered on the 16th of September 2021. The show has already been released on 16th September. The Run-time of the show is 24 minutes. Episode 1 will be premiered on a Korean time basis. And the second was also scheduled for mid-September. But now, it going to be released late. The second episode of Shinbi House season 4 will be released on the 24th of September 2021. It is finally going to be launched on 24th September. Episode 2 will be also 24 minutes long. And also, there is no official trailer released by the channel. The song is not yet decided. Many popular characters have been in the show. Later, we will talk about the cast of the Shinbi House season 4.

Shinbi House 4 Ep. 2: Story

It is one of the most popular South Korean animes. Shinbi House is also known as The Haunted House. It is a popular anime. The story is about a haunted house. There is a haunted house. Two siblings use to live in that house. When they shifted they were not knowing that the house is haunted. So, after few weeks, the siblings got to know. So, the siblings deal with the ghosts very smartly. They found that ghosts are not so dangerous. They had also taken spooky mysteries. The siblings get help from a goblin. The goblin was 102 years old. With the help of Goblin, they deal with the ghosts. Shinbi’s house is also available on Netflix.

Shinbi House Season 4 episode 2

Poster of Shinbi House

Shinbi House Season 4 Characters

The characters of the series are so popular. The last 3 season’s characters were so popular. But in today’s article, we will talk about the season 4 characters. There are popular characters like Hari Koo & others. So, starting with the first character, Hari Koo. The next character is Doori Koo. Then, it comes to the main character. The main character was Shinbi. His character was set to defeat the Underground Nation. He is 102 years old. Shinbi use to live in Shinbi’s Apartment. He is a ghost expert.

Then, the other character is Geumbi. Hyun Woo is also one of the main characters of The Haunted House. Guen Lee is also one of the popular characters of Shinbi House. Kang-Lim Choi is another character in this anime series. Leon Raymond is also the main character of season 2. He made his appearance in season 2. He is an exorcist. Another character is Sara. She is Aegis along with Leon. Jubi is also one of the main characters. The series also has two supporting characters. Lan & Heewon are the supporting characters.

Shinbi House Season 4 episode 2

Shinbi House Season 4

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