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Shazam! Ending Explained: What is the Next challenge For the Siblings?

Shazam! Ending Explained

The 2019 superhero film Shazam! was an enormous hit, but the Shazam! ending got many fans with lots of unanswered questions. Shazam! is a superhero movie based on DC comics with the same name. David F. Sandberg directed the American superhero movie, whereas Henry Gayden wrote the screenplay and the plot for the movie. The movie features Asher Angel as the lead character, Billy Batson, whereas Zachary Levi portrays Billy’s adult superhero alter-ego, Shazam. The 2019 DC movie also features more talented actors like Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Jack Dylan Grazer as Frederick “Freddy” Freeman, and Djimon Hounsou as Shazam. Further, Warner Bros. Pictures produced this movie, and it was released on April 5, 2019. Also, a sequel and spin-off movies are under development which might release in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

This movie is about a troubled teenage boy who comes across an ancient wizard who gives him magical power to turn into a strong superhero. Now, the teenager uses his newfound powers to fight against the dark and evil forces. Shazam! received lots of praise from the audience and critics for its directing and writing. Also, the actors were praised for their phenomenal performance in the movie. The movie has a magnificent plot along with mind-blowing action and funny sequences. However, the ending of Shazam! left the fans most confused. Thus, we will explain the Shazam! ending in this article. Further, beware of reading this article as it will contain many spoilers. For avoiding spoilers, you can watch the movie on Netflix before reading this article.

What Happened In The DC Superhero Movie?

The movie begins in 1974 when a young boy named Thaddeus Sivana teleports to a magical temple called Rock of Eternity. There he comes across an ancient wizard, Shazam, who offers to pass all his magical powers to Sivana and make him his successor. However, he will only get those powers when he has a pure heart. But the demons captured there tempts Sivana to get the Eye of Sin to release those demons, and they will make him strong in return. However, Shazam stops it from happening and sends Sivana back. The young boy tries to explain the situation to his abusive brother and father. But they don’t believe him and soon get into an accident.

Billy Batson Shazam

Billy Batson

The movie then shifts to present-day Philadelphia, where a young boy named Billy Batson keeps escaping from foster homes in search of his biological mother. Eventually, he ends up in a group home run by the Vásquez couple, Víctor and Rosa. They also have five more foster kids: Mary, Pedro, Eugene, Darla, and Freddy. Meanwhile, Sivana, now a grown-up and successful scientist, finds the way to Rock of Eternity. There he takes the Eye of Sin and frees the Seven Deadly Sins. The Sins make Sivana their vessel, and therefore, the scientist becomes powerful. He uses his powers to eliminate his father, brother, and the board members of Sivana Industries. He further plans to conquer the entire world using his powers.

One day Billy saves his foster brother Freddy from bullies and escapes from them in a subway. But that subway leads him to Rock of Eternity, where the ancient wizard deems Billy worthy and entrusts his powers to the young kid. Billy says “Shazam” to transform into an adult superhero. However, the new powers and appearance freaked him. Thus, he confides with Freddy, who is a superhero enthusiast. The two foster brothers skip school to discover Billy’s power. Billy uses his newfound powers to gain fame and money, which angers Freddy, and the two split. But later, Billy uses his powers to protect a bus. However, the incident gets the attention of Sivana, who attacks Shazam for his powers, but he escapes from there using his ability to fly.

Dr Thaddeus Sivana Shazam

Dr Thaddeus Sivana

Billy’s foster siblings find out about him being the superhero. They also help him find his biological mother. He goes to meet her but ends up heartbroken. As his mother reveals that Billy didn’t get lost in carnival ten years ago, but she abandoned him. Because she was not ready to become a young single mother. Meanwhile, Dr. Sivana also deduces the true identity of Shazam that the superhero is Billy Batson. Thus, he kidnaps his foster siblings and bargains with Billy that he will spare them when he hands over the powers to Sivana.

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What Happens In The Shazam! Ending?

Sivana leaves Billy’s siblings and takes him to the Rock of Eternity. There he plans to take Billy’s power via the staff of the ancient wizard. However, Billy’s siblings arrive there and interrupt them. There, Billy notices Sivana weakens when the Seven Deadly Sins leave his body. Thus, Billy/Shazam takes Sivana into a carnival where the evil scientist leaves the Sins at the people in the carnival. However, Billy uses the magical staff to share his powers with his siblings. Each of the five siblings gains one of Shazam’s abilities. After sharing his powers, Shazam breaks the staff, and the siblings use their newfound powers to defeat Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins. Later, we see the siblings returning the Eye of Sin into the rock of Eternity. They further plan to turn that place into the base for the Shazam siblings.

Shazam! Ending

Shazam Siblings

We also see Billy accepting his new family. He also transforms into Shazam and has lunch with his siblings at school to make Freedy look cool at school. However, Shazam doesn’t join the lunch alone as he got the mightiest superhero from DC comics to join the school lunch table, and it is none other than the Kryptonian living on earth, Superman. Therefore, we can expect that Shazam joined the Justice League and might appear in future Justice League movies. Further, the Shazam! has a mid-credit scene where we see a talking caterpillar approach Sivana and ally with him. This talking caterpillar is none other than Mister Mind, one of Shazam’s archenemies. We might see Dr. Sivana and Mister Mind working together to take down the magical superhero in the Shazam! sequel set to release in 2023.

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