Sharp Objects Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, And Updates

You all probably remember Sharp Objects as one of the most popular Television shows that debuted this year. The show received rave reviews, and so, fans have been waiting for the second season of the show already. If you’re one of them, I have bad news for you. The show basically wrapped up within just one season, and we may never see it return.

Sharp Objects Season 2 Release date

Sharp Objects Season 2: Is It Happening?

The thing is, the show is actually top-rated, so it can definitely make a come back. The producers can take it beyond the novels, and continue the story. I’m pretty sure that it would still be prevalent. Besides, it is not like this has never happened before. Other series like Big Little Lies returned in a similar manner, which is why we expect the producers to do the wise thing and let the show continue.

However, one thing that would hold back the show from returning is the unwillingness of the cast to do another season. Casey Bloys well explained this in an interview:
“Unlike Big Little Lies where all of the stars wanted to come back, Sharp Objects, it’s a very dark character, very dark material. Amy doesn’t want to live in this character again, and I can’t blame her, it’s a lot to take on for an actress. So no plans for a second season. We are very happy with this living as a limited series.”

Others, like Gillian Flynn, hint that the second season may or may not happen, meaning the door hasn’t been completely shut just yet.
“My characters always go on in my imagination. They have full working lives there, and I keep in touch with all of them. I would never say no [to another season]. I know exactly what happens to them,” Flynn said.

At this point, Sharp Objects may or may not return. We think there’s a fair chance for the show to come back. If it does, don’t expect it return before 2020. We’ll probably hear more details on the show within the next couple of months, and we hope the news is positive.

What are your thoughts on Sharp Objects Season 2? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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