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Shaman King (2021) Episode 18 Delayed, On A Weekly Break

Shaman King (2021)
Shaman King (2021)

The Asakura duel continues after Asakura Yoh finds that his brother Asakura Hao is his sworn nemesis. They two will fight for the title of the Shaman King. Hao wants to rule and overpower people with darkness and evil. Asakura Yoh wants a world where everyone will be happy living in peace. The two have to clash to determine the future Shaman King. Shaman King (2021) is on a weekly break; it will return on the date mentioned on the weekly schedule below. Let’s look at the recent updates of the latest episode of Shaman King (2021). Asakura Yoh and the other Shaman met with the Shamans from Asakura Hao’s team.

The two teams challenged each other on a death duel. During the battle, one of the Shamans from the enemy’s side is the Vampire Hunter, aka Blaumro Dracula. Dracula killed one of his Shamans since they consider him weak, and they can’t stay with a loser on their team. Ryu steps up and accepts a challenge on a one-on-one duel. Ryu told Dracula that if ”I gave up and chose the path of destruction, I would never build anything worthwhile, which is why I never give up.”

Dracula thinks that Ryu of the Wooden Sword is bluffing and no Vampire can get defeated by a human. Ryu talked about his motto of ”Best Place” and that a guy who has no could have friends or the best place can not unleash a technique that will pulverize enemies to pieces if they give up. The episode revealed about the Guns of the Angel. Before their battle continues, Ryu remembers the day when he confronts the Asakura geezer to teach him how to fight.

Shaman King (2021) Episode 17 Updates

The geezer hesitates, thinking that Ryu wants to get stronger and become popular with ladies. Ryu told the geezer that he wants him to transform Ryu of the Wooden Sword into a real man. The geezer smashes Ryu with multiple attacks that he failed to block and fall inside the pond. Ryu tries to recover, and the geezer realizes that he is not ready since he cannot counter those strikes. He told Ryu to go home, and Ryu tries to state his business, by the geezer is not convinced.

The geezer locks the door for Ryu and realizes that this is the Asakura Family duel and no outsider should get involved and spill the innocent blood. The Asakura Family sticks to their rule that no one should get involved or hurt when they fight amongst themselves. Ryu decided to stay near the geezer’s house until he changes his mind. But his Spirit Ghost Tokageroh emerged and told him that he owes him.

Ryu realizes that Tokageroh needs his Best Place. The two talked about their belonging and befriended each other. Takageroh opens up to Ryu, who consoles him. The two also talk about the Spirit Ghost Amidamaru that Asakura Yoh wields. They also recall the day they battle with Asakura Yoh and realize that he is a good leader. Ryu is glad that Asakura changed their life, and they have not seen the light. In the evening, the rain begins pouring, and Mikihisa saw the two drenched in heavy rain.

Shaman King (2021)

Shaman King (2021)

Ame no Murakumo: Wooden Sword caved from God Wood

Mikihisa talked with the geezer and told him to help the two since they are not the kind of guy who gives up. The geezer thinks of something and takes the two to the river when they are asleep. In the morning, Ryu and Takageroh get surprised when they wake up in the middle of the river. The geezer explains the importance of training, and they begin with intense exercise. During their training, the geezer narrates the ancient story of Violent Orochi. Violent Oroichi get recognized as the river they are training in that brings threats to humans.

They also talked about Susano’o, who challenged Yamato no Orochi and never give up. Ryu learned special techniques from the Asakura geezer. Back to the battle, Ryu decided to unleash the Wooden Sword caved from God Wood. He challenged Dracula that he will witness the impossible. Ryu uses Ame no Murakumo that slashes Yamato no Orochi and cuts  Dracula with a single blow. Dracula realizes that the Over-Soul Bloo is not regenerating and thinks exhausted his Furyoko.

Dracula got defeated and smashed with the mountain. Ryu falls unconscious after using a lot of energy, and Lyserg uses a net to hold Ryu. Asakura Yoh decided to confront Dracula, but a mysterious Shaman killed Dracula from a distance. The guy reveals that his ”Spirit Ghost is  Michael, the Archange that wields the sword of punishment and condemns evil. The X-Laws arrived and decided to help Yoh since he is against the vicious Asakura Hao. Marco said X-Law is participating in the Shaman Fight to defeat Hao.

Shaman King (2021) Episode 18 Release Date

Shaman King (2021) Episode 18 release date is Thursday, 12 August 2021, at 5:55 PM.

Where To WatchShaman King (2021) Episode 18?

You can watch Shaman King (2021) Episode 18 online on Netflix and bilibili. You can look at Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episode 5: Release Date, How To Watch, And Preview.

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