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Shadows House

The secrets behind Edward’s scheme and Shadows House got revealed. The girls beat Edward’s Shadows House game and bring peace in Shadows House. In the morning, Emilico enjoys cleaning the house and sings her favorite song. Mistress Kate notices that Emilico is a useful girl ever since she has arrived. After proving to be a smarter doll, Kate is proud of her student and beat the game that no ”doll” has ever won in the Shadows House. However, she wonders why Kate served the Shadows family without questions.

Kate is disappointed to herself that she didn’t trust Emilico the first time they met. Kate realizes Emilico got forced to drink coffee on the day of her debut. Mistress decided to rescue Emilico after noticing that something is weird. The episode title ” The Dark Drink.” Kate heads to Emilico’s room, looking for the clues to save her beloved Emilico. Kate reads that shadows may not interact with others before the debut, and one must read the book to learn the rules of the house. Lord Grandfather made the rules for everyone in the house. Kate realizes that she must have her student live by herself.

Kate continues to read the rules of the house and finds that she has to cherish her student. The master must always maintain dignity while improving the chemistry with their face. Kate also read about the information and the Star Bearers. There is also a section on how soot gets emitted due to negative feelings. The scorches spawn if anyone doesn’t clean. Finally, Kate finds that there are books that explain how to become a more cultured noble. But ”books” don’t teach children what is essential, and Kate gets furious.

Previously on Shadows House Episode 11

Kate found that the living doll’s manual emphasizes loyalty to Shadows House and the importance of being a living doll. Kate realizes that Emilico never read any book in the Shadows House. A squeaky toy that Emilico plays with falls from the table and draws Kate’s attention. Kate noticed that Emilico never plays with that toy, and things are not proper in her room. A notebook also falls written; don’t forget the notebook. Kate wonders if Emilico is hiding something from her.

Kate apologizes and reads Emilico’s notebook and finds that it is about writing things that Emi should never think about so she can forgive and forget. Emilico continues to clean the house alone while Kate searches for something in her room. Mia, Rosemary, and Lou became Emilico’s team members. Kate wonders if the trio has notice changes in her student. Emilico washes the dishes and thinks that she use that notebook as a diary. Kate realizes that her student told her about the Phantom Mayhem, but it is not mentioned in ”The Shadows Family’s Teachings.”

Shadows House
Shadows House

Soot Sickness

Kate read about Night Watch Duty and wonders if Emilico has to do that as punishment. Kate wishes if her student has told her the truth. Emilico realizes that she hid everything from her Mistress since she doesn’t want her to get angry. Kate drops the book after realizing that soot sickness drinks lots of water. Rosemary drinks a lot of water and gets cured of soot sickness. Kate headed to her room and gave a glass of water Emilico. Emilico wonders why she has to drink a lot of water.

Emilico drinks the water without questioning Kate. Based on Emilico’s book, soot sickness seems to be a sort of mental derangement. But those who drink the coffee fall into a state of insane loyalty. The symptoms of soot sickness are different, but they are both forms of insanity. The coffee got doctored with soot. Emilico’s eyes have turned black, and she realizes that she has been drinking a lot of water. Kate advises her to keep on drinking and wonders why Emilico hid the truth.

Kate asks Emilico how she feels about Rum. Emilico wonders why Kate is hers that and she continues to drink water. Kate notices that Emilico is regaining her sense of self. Meanwhile, the royals travel and announce exciting news to the citizens. The citizens thank the royals for their kindness. Emilico recovers from that illness and opens her heart to Kate. Emilico borrows the mirror and finds that her eyes have returned to normal. The masters find that Shirley failed her debut because of Edward, who tried to crush Shirley with a boulder.

Shadows House Episode 12 Release Date

Shadows House Episode 12 release date is 27 June 2021, at 12:30 AM JST. You can watch Shadows House online on AnimeLab.

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