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Severance Season 1 Episode 7 Recap And Review: Ms. Casey Is None Other Than Gemma

Severance Season 2
Severance Season 2

In Severance Season 1 Episode 7 of the Apple TV Plus series, things are really starting to get out of hand. In fact, it looks like Lumon’s stranglehold on the company’s Innnies has been frayed to the point of breaking, and that control is eroding, at least in part, for the reasons that it normally does. Lumon decided that its grip on those who underwent the Severance operation was significantly stronger and more reliable than it was. It overlooked that, while the Innies are strange, they are humans with feelings, thoughts, and desires. When the firm permitted the Innies to see the world outside of their cramped workplace, they discovered they were only a small part of a larger picture.

Things started to unravel rapidly once that bigger world was brought up, especially when Dylan realized he had a house and a family. Aside from finger cuffs and MDEs, Irving had discovered something to live for. Indeed, Irving’s exposure to things other than work could have been the final straw. If he wasn’t on board with everything that will happen from now on, it’s a good guess that he wouldn’t be here. On the Apple TV Plus series, it wouldn’t be the same way.

Severance Episode 7 Recap And Review: Dylan Waking Up In The Real World

First and foremost, Dylan is suffering from cognitive dissonance as a result of his son’s memories from the night before. Milchick tells Dylan during a brisk walk to MDR that he activated the Overtime Contingency and didn’t intend for him to meet his child. Dylan appears to be in distress. Milchick tries to shut him down when he displays his emotions more. On the severed floor, innies are not permitted to emote since it annoys Kier.

Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Severance Season 1 Episode 7 – Dylan and Milchick

Milchick’s plan to reawaken Dylan in the real world was a disaster. Dylan would have the bizarre knowledge that innies can be awakened up in the real world buzzing about in his head even if he hadn’t seen his son. Did Milchick think he’d forget? Is it possible to let go? It’s impossible to return that tiger to its cage. And enraged tigers are known to bite.

The severed floor’s management has gone completely insane. Cobel is well aware of the developing mutiny, but instead of being in the office on the day MDR is locked up and Burt from O&D is forced to retire, she’s teaching Devon how to breastfeed. Graner is no longer alive (we’ll get to that later). Milchick is left to clean up the mess on his own. Milchick appears to be incredibly talented and ruthless, but he’s starting to make a lot of stupid blunders.

Milchick Is Glorious

Milchick cuts a particularly terrifying appearance when he is occupied by Tillman. It’s terrifying to watch Tillman make Milchick’s face slack when he’s angry as if he’s evolving into a robotic mercenary. After taking Mark to MDR, he drops Mark’s coffee at his desk. He never raises his voice or uses violence onscreen, but we can know he’s drinking the cult Kool-Aid and is willing to go to any length to serve Kier and the Eagan family. He wears collared button-down shirts with short sleeves, which is a fantastic costume element. When he has to get his hands dirty, he won’t have to waste time rolling up his sleeves.

Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Severance Season 1 Episode 7 – Milchick

We know something’s up when Milchick walks into the MDR department wearing a long-sleeved white turtleneck. He’s decided to give Helly her Music Dance Experience perk early to lighten the atmosphere. This is the oddest reward yet, yet it makes sense as the innies seldom get to listen to music while completing data input. A job that should come with a pair of headphones and a pre-loaded playlist of lo-fi tunes.

Helly chooses “defiant jazz” from a list that also includes “buoyant reggae” and “tearful emo.” Milchick begins to undulate like a seductive octopus, and Helly strangely joins in. Mark and Irv are also having a good time, executing their own versions of the middle-aged white male dance. Everyone appears to be having a good time – everyone except Dylan, that is.

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Burt Is Retiring

They decide to go snooping because Mark possesses Graner’s all-access key card. Irv, on the other hand, bolts to O&D as soon as the door opens, where he discovers a terrifying sight: Burt is retiring. There’s a massive melon celebration going on, complete with melons in abundance! Edible Arrangements appears to have exploded. Despite the widespread joy and laughter, Irv has a sense of foreboding. This isn’t a typical case where he can merely get Burt’s number and meet up after work to keep the vibe going. Burt is gone once he left. Forever.

Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Burt Is Retiring

Burt’s retirement celebration occurs only a day after O&D met with MDR, which is quite suspicious. Burt informs Milchick earlier in the show that his experience in the break room was “just enough.” This line is delivered with a little tremor by Christopher Walken. It’s possible that there was something else going on in there besides the reading of the apologies statement. Mark, the second department head involved in the affair, was left with bruised knuckles after his break-room session. Burt doesn’t appear to have any visible bruising or injuries, but that doesn’t imply he was unharmed in the break room.

And now it appears that he will be compelled to retire. Irv’s fire grows as he recognizes the enormity of the situation. His innie brain tells him that an outburst is inappropriate, but his raw human feeling is uncontrollable. “So You’re just going to let him die!” he exclaims, pointing to his fellow terminated colleagues. “You arrogant motherfucker,” Irv responds to Milchick’s attempt to defuse the issue. “You haven’t been severed.” Irv, you’re a jerk!

Irv and Burt eventually have a nice farewell moment. However, given that Burt is played by the legendary Christopher Walken, I don’t suppose we’ll see him again. Please don’t give up hope, Burving shippers; there’s a good chance Burt and Irv know one other — and may even be together! — in the actual world. I notice you.

Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Severance Season 1 Episode 7 – Mark

Mark Experienced A Murder

When Irv returns to MDR, he discovers that Helly and Mark have visited the security office and are familiar with the Overtime Contingency. “Let’s burn this place down,” he snarls as he joins on to the idea. Everyone else agrees with a silent nod. Another massive information bombshell has been dropped on us from the outside world. Mark sneaks away from Alexa the night before the Music Dance Experience to see Petey’s contact. She heaps innie guilt on him in an attempt to persuade him to rejoin. Graner, unfortunately, bursts in and interrupts the chat. Mark freezes, but the contact doesn’t waste any time in hitting Graner over the head with a baseball bat in a Negan-style attack.

As he exits the scene, Mark does everything wrong in the book. He pukes in the alleyway before tossing his blood-soaked clothes into his own overflowing garbage can. Mark! Have you ever listened to a podcast on crime? Because You just played a role in the assassination of one of your coworkers! Work more efficiently!

But grief and booze have warped Mark’s thoughts. Mark is Bonzo drunk the next day when Alexa comes to pick up her wallet. Alexa simply wants to get out of there, but Mark rips a photograph of Gemma to shreds. Alexa (rightfully) runs, leaving Mark to emote in the street like a lunatic. He returns to the house and begins taping the photo up. In a voice-over, we hear Mark recounting pleasant facts about his deceased wife, just like Ms. Casey does in her wellness sessions with the innies. She was a dog lover. Cardigans were something she despised. Nutmeg was an allergen for her. And he adored her for all of these qualities.

Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Gemma Is Ms. Casey

Gemma Is Ms. Casey

Ms. Casey is Gemma. Gemma Casey is Ms. Casey. What the hell is going on? Given the show’s Eternal Sunshine vibe, this shock isn’t entirely anticipated, but man does it deliver an emotional gut hit. There are a lot of them.

Is it possible that Lumon orchestrated Gemma’s death? Are Gemma and Mark a part of a broader severance study? We saw Cobel claim to have indisputable proof that reintegration is feasible this week, and considering that she’s been putting the two together in weird places — and asking Devon probing questions about Mark’s pain — it’s probable Gemma and Mark are included in her body of evidence. To paraphrase Wilde and Wonka, all I know right now is that Severance is creating a dreadful sense of suspense. I’m hoping it will last.

Other Thoughts on Severance Season 1 Episode 7

Milchick appears to solely photograph Helly when the occasion is centered on him. He had already taken them on her first day of orientation and now during the Music Dance Experience. Something is wrong. Burt’s retiring video left me feeling a little bewildered. How do you say goodbye to folks you’ve never met?

Although Walken’s characters are frequently filled with violent whimsy, he displays this knot of conflicted emotions in a very human and accessible way here. What’s more — Burt has been separated from his family for seven years? That feels like an eternity in comparison to Mark’s two years and Irv’s three.

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