Hey guys. Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 is going to be an epic chapter. After the ending of the previous chapter, fans were actually really confused, whether or not Arthur would survive. But as things stand, Arthur will probably live. I won’t be taking much of your time. Here are the leaks for Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257.
We start from Arthur’s POV: he sees Merlin and Elizabeth tending to them as he closes his eyes. Then a knight walks to the Boar’s Hat and tells them to hurry to the meeting to review the strategy. We see a mad Cath and Arthur levitating and sleeping with Merlin and Elizabeth nearby. Merlin wonders where his soul is. Before her eyes, inside his body or collected along with his blood by the sword and trying to choose the next king? All that just when Escanor was about to knock the door (he gave up on it and went). Merlin and Elizabeth talk and we see a panel with a young Merlin, a Goddess Elizabeth and Meliodas. We also see Merlin crying, something she hadn’t done in 430 years. She goes to the meeting with Elizabeth and Escanor.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257

The Archangels and the Humans are also there. Sariel and Tarmiel are surprised about Escanor. Merlin lays out the strategy: a defence group to protect Liones at all cost, a sweeping group to confront the Demon army and a smaller attack group to directly assault Camelot. As for the defense group, Dreyfus, Griamore and Hendrickson will be respectively responsible of the south, east and south gates. As for the sweeping group, the Commandment goes to Howzer and Gilthunder for the Holy Knights and Tarmiel and Sariel for the Archangels. And as for the attack group, it’s Merlin, Escanor and Ludociel. Elizabeth and the Sins will join the sweeping group. Ludociel says that he’ll have Hendrickson escort him, arguing it’s Hendy’s desire. To which Gilthunder says he will protect Margaret. The chapter ends with the Demon army going on a killing spree and Chandler and Cusack transforming.
That concludes the leaks for chapter 257. Chandler and Cusack have become tremendously powerful. They both can destroy a large part of the allied force with their power alone. For Escanor to his full power, the darkness over the sky has to vanish. It will be interesting to see how Escanor reacts especially after he overheard Merlin’s conversation with Elizabeth.
Do you think that the Seven Deadly Sins and their allies can overcome the power of the Demons? Let me know in the comments below.


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