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Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 19: Spoilers and Recap

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Today we’ll be talking about Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 19. Meliodas and Gowther have entered inside the mid of the Demon King. They found Zedris along with Gelda. Theyrealizes that Zeldris is a captive of Gelda, who claimes that Zeldris is happy only with her. Meliodas manages to save Zeldris; meanwhile, in the real world, Escanor and the Seven Deadly Sins had an intense battle with the Demon King. Escanor vows to eliminate the Demon King even though it might cost his life. Diane unleashed a Mother Creation that case the magic lake to disappear.

The Demon King realizes that the magic lake is the source of his power. He decided to end everything before he runs out of magic. Escanor realizes that he has to use Sunshine to get rid of the Demon King once and for all. He lights the Sunshine, and the energy of Sunshine flows in his body along with magical flames. Escanor points at the Demon King and comments that they have one piece of the bad news for the Demon King that just came in. The Demon King asks Esacanor what it is, and he said it is High Noon.

Previously on Seven Deadly Sin Season 5 Episode 18

The battleground turns into lava as Escanor Sunshine’s powers level up. The Demon King comments that he thought they wouldn’t last more than a minute. He realizes that Escanor wants to use that power to defeat Zeldris and Meliodas in their Demonic form. He told Escanor that he wants to see how powerful the Sunshine is. The Demon King puts his sword back, and Escarnor comments that the Impudent Demon King. Diane told Escanor that they are here to help, and he told her to stay out of this.

The Seven Deadly Sins wonders what Escanor is planning since they know that they fight as a team. He told them that the moment has come. Escarnor squares up with the Demon King as they get ready to clash. They both decide to get involved in a bare-knuckle. Escanor punched the Demon King’s left side, and the Demon King also punched the right side of his face. The two started to exchange massive punches that trigger earthquakes and flashes of lightning. Meliodas has come back with Gowther after saving Zeldris.

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He told Elizabeth to stay behind him. As the Demon King attack, he comments that this is the power of the Demon King. He landed a blow that pushed Escanor back and comments that he is in a whole other dimension compared to his good-for-nothing sons (Melidas and Zeldris). Escanor replies that it is only a puny sensation. He jumped up and landed a superman punch that slammed the Demon King with the ground. Meliodas watches the fierce battle as it continues and realizes that it was receiving and giving.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The One

Escanor and the Demon King are not blocking each other attacks; they are just landing their massive blows. Escanor mock the Demon King that he sensed no feeling in his punch. The Demon King attacks, but he receives a blow that made him bleed. Escanor started landing hammer fist that causes the Demon King to stumble. The Demon King also landed few shots that hurt Escanor.

Diane is surprised that the Demon King can withstand Escanor attacks in his state. Gowther comments that the Demon King is taking damages. Ban is worried that this babble is taking too long. Escanor started to get tired, and the Demon King reminds him of humans that can trade blow with him. The Demon King told Escanor that he couldn’t win and time is up. Escanor blocks the attacks and comments that he is now fulfilling the final wish he promised his friends.

He unleashed a new state called The One. King notice that the state has last more than a minute, and a minute is a limit. Meliodas had a flashback when he met with Escarnor, and they befriend each other. Meliodas told Escanor that they are repenting for their sins. He also recalls the day he battles with Escanor, who was using The One.

Seven Deadly Sin Season 5 Episode 19 Release Date

Latest Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 19 will release on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, at 5:55 JST. You will be able to watch Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 online, Netflix.

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