Series Similar To The Gilded Age That You Must Watch

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series similar to gilded age
The Gilded Age (2022-)

If you are a huge fan of historical or periodic dramas and series, then you must have heard about The Gilded Age. The series is created by Fellowes, and hence you will definitely know that the series is going to be entertaining and also informative. They are also mostly historically accurate, and hence if you have any doubt about the period’s history, then you can definitely watch his series as they are always portrayed in a simplistic way. Here, we will be getting into all the series similar to The Gilded Age, so that you can get out of that hangover.

Here, we will have six series that will definitely help you to get over the hangover that you will feel once the show is over. Season 1 will soon end on March 21, and the series has already been renewed for another Season. However, it will take a lot of time for the next Season to come out. We have to wait at least a year for another Season. Until then, you can binge-watch all these series.

Series Similar To The Gilded Age

Now, if you have already watched The Gilded Age, you might still be in the hangover and want to watch some more series similar to it. Well, as mentioned before, we have got you, and hence here are some similar series or shows that you can watch.


Well, this has to be one of the most similar shows to The Gilded Age. Bridgerton has been in the limelight, and it is getting all the more hyped because of the new Season that is all set to come out this year. If you were impressed with the costumes and the production of the series, then you are in for a surprise! Bridgerton brings in a new world of fashionable period gowns and dresses that will make you want to buy their whole wardrobe. We wish we could live back in those days when gowns were still in daily fashion. Now, if you have not heard about Bridgerton, well, let us introduce you to this one gem of a show.

series similar to gilded age
Bridgeton (2020-)

This Netflix-produced show is based on the Regency Era and deals with the social problems of women in that period. Well, of course, that means the issues and struggles that a woman would have to go through for getting married to a good family. Hence, if you are interested in watching the show, make sure to watch it as soon as possible before the next Season comes out. We hope that you will be invested in the series as much as others are.

Downtown Abbey

This is a more serious period series that you might also get interested as well. Actually, among all the series similar to The Gilded Age, Downtown Abbey is the most similar. Both of them deal with the rise of the working class. However, Downtown Abbey had run for six seasons, and there are also a couple of movies as the sequel. Therefore, the show has gone into much more depth into this whole class shifting and also about the major events of the year. If you are really into what The Gilded Age had depicted, then Downtown Abbey will increase your interest.

series similar to gilded age
Downtown Abbey (2010-15)

The first series of the Downtown Abbey was in the same timeline as the sinking of the Titanic, though this did not make any major changes in the society, however, from the second series, there were a ton of social impacts that made a change in the social hierarchy that helped in the rising of the working class. When the final Season came around, there was this massive sign of the downfall of the British aristocracy, which demarcated the rising of the middle class. This series will undoubtedly, resonate the most with The Gilded Age.


If you liked both The Gilded Age and Downtown Abbey, then you will definitely like Belgravia. The main reason is the creator of Downtown Abbey, Julian Fellowes, also made this series. Fellowes is renowned for periodic drama works, and we are quite sure that after you go through his list, you are going to be huge of his. Belgravia does not deal with the rising of the working class as much as Dowtown Abbey deals with, but the periodic drama vibes are there. You will find the same type of direction, and the feels also resonate with The Gilded Age.

series similar to gilded age
Belgravia (2020)

Belgravia deals with the events that led to the Battle of Waterloo. However, not the way that history depicts, but it takes some of the events that were less narrated in mainstream history. This will catch your interest. Though the series has only one Season, still, in the end, you will want more of it. Therefore, you can catch up with the series on Epix if you want.


Outlander is more of a romantic series that is set in the World War II era. It is similar to The Gilded Age in the sense that both series are set in the dawn of the middle class. That is, it was during this time that the British aristocracy was facing its major downfall. This was a major change in the feudal class system of the English and had brought a shift in the class dynamics with people elected leaders as the heads. However, Outlander is not that much focused on the social changes of society, yet if you want to have a mix of lightheartedness and romance with the period drama, then we would recommend you to go for the series.

series similar to gilded age
Outlander (2014-)

This is an ongoing series, and it is going on for the 6th Season. Hence, if you are interested in watching the series, you have a lot of catching up to do. Also, we have some good news for the bookworms, as the series is based on an ongoing novel series written by Diana Gabaldon. Hence, if you want to know what is going to come up, then you can go for the novel series. Outlander can also be considered as science fiction series partially as there is some time travel involved in the series.

The Tudors

Another period piece series that you will enjoy if you are a history drama enthusiast, then you will like The Tudors. If you are interested in watching a period piece, then you will enjoy this series that deals with the Tudors Dynasty. If you are confused, it was the regime after Henry VIII. The Gilded Age depicts an age after quite a long time in the future. Yet, the Tudors is a period drama filled with amazing twists and turns and also action scenes. This is one of the most different yet interesting series similar to The Gilded Age.

the tudors
The Tudors (2007-2010)

The series started in 2007 and ended in 2010, running for 4 seasons. The series is not that long, and you will enjoy the whole franchise. The Tudors are quite an important part of history, and the show has been made by some of the best researchers and historians. Hence, though there are a few inaccuracies in the series, most of them are historically accurate. Thereby, this series, though it is not exactly identical, will still manage to keep you interested throughout.

Brideshead Revisited

This is another classic series set in the same time frame as the Gilded Age. Hence, it will help you to cope with your The Gilded Age hangover quite soon. The series has only one Season, and it deals with the British aristocrats. The protagonist of the series Charles Ryder is the main character, and we follow his lifestyle. Throughout the series, we get an in-depth knowledge of what a British Catholic family had to go through and how they had to cope with the coming generations and change in values and morals. This would definitely be an interesting watch.

Brideshead Revisited
Brideshead Revisited (1981)

This series is also one of the closest among all the series, similar to The Gilded Age. Therefore, we would recommend you to watch it only once, if possible. We are sure that you will love it. Brideshead Revisited is based on the novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh. It goes through how society had to keep up with changing traditions and values. This does come quite close to The Gilded Age, where it also deals with the transition of the age.

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