Series Similar To HBO’s Search Party That You Should Watch

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Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
Series Similar to HBO's Search Party

Let’s say you want to pivot from one series to another because you want something similar. And let’s say you want a series similar to HBO’s ‘Search Party’. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with ‘Search Party,’ it is a fun sitcom about a group of friends in New York City that was created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Michael Showalter, and Charles Rogers. Finding Chantal Witherbottom is a dangerous mission that puts everyone’s allegiance in jeopardy as terrible secrets come to light.

The lives of these twenty-somethings quickly spiral out of control.
After its November 2016 TBS launch, the black comedy series quickly gained recognition for its satirical premise and cast. A new audience was instantly drawn to the show’s multi-genre concept as it moved to HBO Max in its Third Season. Season 5 of the sitcom chronicles Dory’s adventure as she recovers from her kidnapping ordeal, and works with an eccentric billionaire to spread happiness.

Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
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Series Similar To HBO’s Search Party

The following list includes recommendations based on the feel of the show. They’re not limited to HBO Max, and they include all sorts of platforms. Additionally, we tell you where to watch them and give you a small brief plot summary to tell you what it is about. We hope you enjoy our recommendations. Now let’s begin!

1. Better Things

This is an American dramedy developed by Pamela Adlon for FX that stars her as Sam Fox, a single mom and struggling actress trying to make ends meet in sunny liberal Los Ángeles, California. In this comedy, she deals with her three daughters, Max, Frankie, and Phillys, each with their own peculiar quirks and needs.

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Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
Pamela Adlon in FX’s Better Things

Where To Watch Better Things?

If you wish to stream Better Things, you can do it from Hulu, Fubo TV, FX NOW, DirecTV, Sling, or Spectrum. Also, you can buy the episodes from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, Vudu Fandango, Microsoft Channel, and Google Play. Lastly, we share with you the trailer so you check it out.

2. Life & Beth

This is a new show that dropped on Hulu, and it stars Amy Schumer and Michael Cera. In it, Schumer plays a semi-autobiographical role of a fat, ugly, middle-aged woman. Much like Schumer, she’s also going through an identity crisis. So, her character decides to change careers from New York as a successful wine dealer to her hometown in Long Island, where she meets a farmer and starts dating him.

Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
Amy Schumer & Michael Cera in Life & Beth

Where To Watch Life & Beth?

To witness Amy Schumer reprise —yet another role—where she makes fun of being a woman while falling in love, losing it, and then finding it all over again, this is the movie for you. Then you’ll need to go to Hulu. Why? As a Hulu Original series, this is the case. As a result, you won’t be able to find it elsewhere. Hulu, on the other hand, is a very user-friendly interface with a variety of subscription options to fit any budget. Check out the trailer below!

3. Dollface

When Kat Dennings’s character gets dumped by her lover, she must deal with the harsh realities of being single as she makes new acquaintances in this romantic comedy. The First Season introduced us to Jules Wiley and her symbiotic relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jules re-establishes contact with her ex-girlfriends Stella and Madison, whom she had neglected to see due to her overindulgence in her relationship with the former.

Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
Kat Dennings in Dollface

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Where To Watch Dollface?

Hulu is the best place to watch Dollface. Hulu created and produced this show. As a result, Hulu is accessible to a wide audience. As part of the Hulu Essential Catalog for just $6.99 a month, you can watch Dollface. Lastly, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu Fandango both have Dollface available for streaming. Check out the Trailer!

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4. Murderville

Murderville is a comedy-mystery show about killings developed by Krister Johnson. It’s part improvised, part scripted. It stars Will Arnett, Haneefah Wood and Lilan Bowden. In each chapter, a guest star plays a rookie police detective to solve a murder. What ensues is fun if that’s your kind of show.

Series Similar to HBOs Search Party
Sharon Stone in Murderville

Where To Watch Murderville?

If you wish to watch Murderville, then you must go to Netflix because it is an original series. So, you won’t find it elsewhere. Do check out the trailer!

5. A.P Bio

A.P Bio tells the stories about the lives of a group of students and faculty at a fictional High Schoo. It’s developed by Seth Myers and Saturday Night Live developer Lorne Michaels, and it stars Glenn Howerton, Patton Oswalt, and Paula Pell.

Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
A.P. Bio airs on NBC and Peacock!

Where To Watch A.P. Bio?

If you wish to watch this Lorne Michaels and Seth Myers’s produced show. Firstly, you can navigate to NBC’s website or its app. Secondly, you can use Peacock or Peacock premium. Additionally, these platforms host all things NBC, so that’s a sure bet! Check out the trailer!

6. Happy Endings

Happy Endings tells the story of six broken characters that live in Chicago as they face their day-to-day woes in a single-camera comedy half-hour show. It’s three seasons, fun to watch, and a great fast burn if you’re in the mood for a binge. It stars Damon Wayans Jr., Elisha Cuthbert, and Eliza Coupe.

Series Similar to HBOs Search Party
Happy Endings ran for three seasons on ABC

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Where To Watch Happy Endings?

You can stream Happy Endings from Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max. Additionally, you can rent the episodes from Amazon Direct Video. And you can buy the show’s entire Seasons from Apple iTunes, Vudu Fandango, Red Box, Amazon Direct Video, and Google Play. Check out the trailer!

7. The Other Two

Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider star in this comedy that features a couple of millennial brothers as they have to deal with their Gen-Z sudden rise to fame. The cast features Saturday Night Live veteran Molly Shannon. It originally aired on Comedy Central, but HBO picked it up for its streaming service.

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Series Similar to HBOs Search Party
Molly Shannon, Sarah Clarke, and Chris Kelly

Where To Watch The Other Two?

To watch this show, all you need is an HBO Max subscription. It is an exclusive show, and you won’t find it elsewhere.

8. You’re The Worst

This comedy tells the story of Gretchen, a public relations executive with a knack for self-sabotage, and Jimmy, a self-taught writer struggling to make ends meet. They both embark on a tumultuous relationship. And we get to see the fun side of it! It has five seasons, and each Episode runs for about half an hour.

Series Similar to HBOs Search Party
Chris Geere and Aya Cash star in this black comedy about relationships

Where To Watch You’re The Worst?

You’re the Worst is available for streaming from Hulu. And you can buy the Seasons from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, Vudu Fandango, and Google Play.

9. The Sex Lives of College Girls

This is a teen dramedy developed by Justin Noble and Mindy Kaling starring Pauline Chalamet. It tells the story of four girls that just started college in Vermont as they mature sexually into young adulthood. And each one of them must deal with a different issue.

Series Similar to HBOs Search Party
This show feels like Girls, but without the cringe of Lena Dunham

Where To Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls?

If you wish to watch this comedy, then tune in to HBO Max as this is an exclusive show which only airs on that platform. Check out the trailer below!

10. Physical

Developed by Anne Weisman and starring Rose Byrne, Lou Taylor Pucci, Geoffrey Arend, and Rory Scovel, it tells a dark story of a woman that tries to discover her true self via the intense world of aerobics. It has fun, it has aesthetics from the 1980s, and it has a dark undertone you will need to explore.

Series Similar to HBO's Search Party
Rose Byrne in Apple TV+’s Physical

Where To Watch Physical?

Physical is an Apple TV+ Original series that you can enjoy with your essential subscription.

How do you like our recommendations? We hope you enjoy all these, and please be kind enough to share this article with your friends and family. If you had a watch party for HBO’s Search Party, maybe with some of these recommendations, you can start another. So go ahead, get together, pop those popcorns and enjoy. We’re signing off here, wishing you the best in your next binge-watch experience from Otakukart. See you next time!

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