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Scripting Your Destiny: Recap

Scripting Your Destiny

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

What happens if every human being has a destiny deity writing every course of their mundane life? Somehow the destiny deity also falls in love with one of the human beings. Well, it seems to be true only in the dramas or reel but not in real life. In reality, we believe that every human being makes their own course of life. But, so is not the case of the recent Korean Drama Scripting Your Destiny. The drama features a lovely and beautiful love story between a Destiny Deity and of the human being.

One of the most interesting and unique things about Scripting Your Desting is that it does not have any extra villains, plots, suspense, or thriller. Rather, the drama gathered quite the attention with its exciting storyline for its fantasy love story. Now, let’s know in detail about the Scripting Your Destiny drama in details.

Scripting Your Destiny: Release Date

Scripting Your Destiny release date was on March 26, 2021, at 16:00 KST on tvN original network. It is a fantasy romance drama that consists of ten episodes and premiered on the same day. The web drama aired on the Friday of every week. The other names for the drama are Writing Your Fate, Dangsineui Unmyeongeun Sseugo Issseubnida, and Writing Your Destiny. The drama is quite an interesting fantasy series that features the sweet love story between a destiny deity and a human person who is an author and scriptwriter for dramas.

Scripting Your Destiny

Leading Casts of Scripting Your Destiny (credit: tvN)

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Eun Seon Woo and Kim Byung Soo are acting as the screenwriter and producer for the show. The executive producer of the series is Kim Eun Sook who previously created hit dramas such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, The Heirs, Secret Garden, Descendants of the Sun, etc. So the present drama of hers is also worth watching. Furthermore, the episodes are only for a short amount of time. 

Scripting Your Destiny: Cast

Scripting Your Destiny’s leading characters are Ki Do Hoom, Kim Wo Sook, and Jeon So Nee. They are respectively portraying the characters of Shin Ho Yoon, Jung ba Reum, and Go Chae Kyung or Go Espresso or Go Eun Seon or Yang Mi Soon. Go Espresso is the leading female character’s pen name for writing novels while Yang Mi Soon is a scriptwriter for Korean dramas. The supporting casts includes Park Sang Nam, Ahn Woo Yeon, Gal So Won, Lee Jung Joon, So Hee Jung, Park Chul Min, and Oh So Hyun. They are portraying the characters of Myung, Hyun Joon, Sam Shin, Seong Woo, Yang Mi Soon, Chief Jang, and Seul Ah respectively.

Scripting Your Destiny Episode 1 to 10: Recap

Scripting Your Destiny episode starts with a narrator stating that all humans are born with a book for life. The book records everything that happens in life and it is called destiny. The scene shifts to Seong-U writing something as he is the deity of destiny from Yongsan Hall of the Seven starts. Then we see Hyeon-Jun and Myeong destiny deity’s from Gangnam Hall and Mapo Hall of the Seven Stars. The narrator is revealed at the same time as Ho-Yoo who is a destiny deity from Mapo Hall of the Seven Stars.

The first episode also introduces Ho-Yoo as a landlord in the human world and one of his tenants. The tenant is the owner of the coffee shop and also tried to set up her daughter on a blind date with Ho-Yoo. Her daughter is Go-Chae Kyung who is a famous scripwriter for drama series. Now, Ho-Yoo, as her destiny writer plans to make her and Jang Ba Reum fall in love. However, a destiny writer cannot have too many feelings for a human. But, things did not take place according to the wishes or writings of Ho-Yoo.

Moreover, Ho-Yoo and Chae Kyung have a unique past between them which neither of them knows. Ho-Yoo memories got erased while Chae Kyung’s are lost. Besides everything, Chae Kyung and Ho-Yoo begin to go closer. He does not know but begins to develop feelings for Chae Kyung. Deity Myung tries to stop them once he knew the truth. However, things did not go as planned but move in completely opposite direction. The drama features what will happen in their destiny as Ho-Yoo and Chae Kyung never be together. Jang Ba Reum also saw his destiny book with his name in the hands of Ho-Yoo. He begins to doubt him. On the other hand, there is Shamshin who too begins to have feelings for a human.

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