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Spoilers & Preview: Scarlet Nexus Episode 5

Scarlet Nexus

Let’s see what to expect from Scarlet Nexus Episode 5. Kasane finds that Naomi is alive, and Seiran took her, but they will return her in a human form. Garrison and the others cover that New Himuka is deceiving them. Commander Travers shows his true colors as he uses Brain Eater against them. Nagi also got affected by Brain Eater’s powers and heads towards Kasane and Yuito. Garrison asks Seto if he knows the truth. Seto told Garrison he has no clues on what is happening. Garrison replies that he wants to know if Seto is involved in that horrific research.

One of the OSF told Garrison that it is not time for talking and an army of the soldiers dives into the middle of the battle. Kyouka shoots one of the soldiers attacking Asarashi and told Arashi that they have to fight. The action begins, and Fubuki thinks he should let those guys fight as he watches them. Seto tried to stop the battle, but Garrison thinks that Seto’s side is in the wrong. Kasane suffered a brain freeze during the war. Yuito blast the lady that wanted to smash Kasane. He asks her if she is okay.

Kasane managed to compose herself and told Yuito that she is okay. Yuito wonders why the same guys from OSF are fighting against each other. He thinks that they should have been working together instead of fight. Yuito and Kasane dodge the flying disc from Nagi and wonder why their best friend is fighting them. Nagi comments that they did a lot of training together, and it is time to show who is better. Nagi reminds Yuito about the induction ceremony and that he can choose him or Kasane.

Previously on Scarlet Nexus Episode 4

Yuito wonders who is controlling Nagi’s mind; the episode title is ”Red Strings.” The two faces against one another as Nagi asks what is happening to him. Kasane asks Nagi if he is working with Major General Karen. Nagi replies that he is unaware of what the Major General is thinking, and they must not get the wrong ideas. But he won’t betray Karen’s trust, Nagi sends the flying discs, and Yuijto uses his blade to block them.

Karen is nearby, watching the trio exchanging blows. The two soldiers near him got killed, and Yuito tried to pulverize Karen, who teleports to another location. Shinden uses a bolder to beat Karen, but Karen vanishes. She told Karen that he hides everything from them. On the other side, Garrison battles Seto and uses his fist to block the two swords. Seto told Garrison that he never expect a straight shooter like Garrison to act in this manner.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

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Commander Seto

The two blow each other and keep the fight at a distance. Seto asks Garrison why he is suspecting him. Garrison replies that he will fight to know the truth and nothing more. The two-level up and Seto enter his Ninja mode. Nagis spins the disc plate on the air controlling them to attack Yuito and Kasane. Kasane used blocks of rocks to stop the disc from cutting them. Yuito told Kasane that Nagi was acting weird before they arrive.

Yuito also reveals that Nagi thinks that Naomi died in battle. Kasane sents a pile of rocks to stop Nagi from rampaging. She reminds Nagi what they saw during the war and that Naomi got taken away. Nagi replies that Naomi is dead, and Kasane replies that Naomi got turned into an ”Other.” Nagi said he has no choice but to eliminate the two. Yuito and Kasane got blown away by the hurricane created by Nagi. The two hit the ground, and Kasane saw the red string coming out of Nagi’s body. Garrison and Seto stopped fighting, witnessing Nagi’s new powers.

Seto decided to help Kasane and Yito and blocked a thunderbolt strike. Seto notices that Nagi’s power is abnormally elevated and reminds Nagi that he will regret it if he kills Yuito. Nagi sent two attacks, and Seto realizes that he can’t block only one strike. But he sacrifices himself and blocks the second attack using his body. Seto teleports and chokes Nagi while free him from brain control and said he would never let Nagi switch side. The Warriors won the battle, and Karen vanishes, saying that he will get red string next time.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 5 Release Date

The latest Scarlet Nexus Episode 5 release date is 29 July 2021. Scarlet Nexus is available on Funimation and Ani-One Asia.

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