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Spoilers: Scarlet Nexus Episode 2

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus begins with strange incidents inside the room, and the girl calls for her mother while the father tries to save the family. The father told the rest of the family to come to this site since they are in danger. The mysterious monster killed the father and tried to get closer to the girl and told her that she must continue to live. After intense training, two young recruits have become Scarlet Guardians, saviors of the planet. Those guys are known as the Private First Class Yuito Sumeragi.

The Private First Class, Nagi Karman, is one of the two new members. Nagi presented himself and said that the Other Suppression Force will now reveal their powers. The second guy comments that Nagi talks too much while charging with his Katana. Nagi jumped up and said, this guy got fired up, and the two exchanges sword slashes. Nagi fires some shots but the other guy bocks them using steels that he created to make a shield. The guy surprises Nagi by surviving a hurricane and trounces Nagi.

That guy tips Nagi’s nose, and the two receive the message that the Induction Ceremony is about to start and they must hurry. The two dashes towards the location, and Nagi comments that the ladies can call him Nagi Karman, a Scarlet Guardian as of today. The second guy wonders if Nagi wants to be popular around the ladies. The ladies wonders who that stupid is running his mouth, and the second lady likes the guy running with Nagi. The ladies check at their tabs and find that it is Yuito Sumerage No 16.  The Spotlight 57th Class Recruits begins as the two dashes to the scene.

Previously on Scarlet Nexus Episode 1

The higher-ups talked about the Other Suppression Force, or OSF, which will begin shortly. The young lady announces that they are inducting elite recruits who completed the grueling SASA aptitude test. Yuito remembers something and how he got his powers. Nagi praised the lady and said she would say his name. Unfortunately, she talked about Yuito, Illustration Family, and enlisted in OSF. The gentleman reveals that Yuito is the son of Joe Sumeragi, Chairman of New Himuka.

Nagi comments that he knew that they would talk about Yuito, and the lady said that this guy is the younger son of their nation’s founder and the great hope of his illustration family. The lady also said that Yuito’s older brother, Kaito Sumeragi, the supreme commander of the New Himuka OSF. Kaito chose to work on the battlefield instead of in politics. Joe Suragi is watching everything relaxing inside his office, and he is impressed by his sons’ work.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Sepretetrion First Class Brain Eater: Major General Karen

The gentleman said Yuito’s psionic aptitude is low and is worrying them since they don’t know if Yuito can battle against the Others. Nagi told Yuito not to get affected by their words, and Yuito said it is fine, but his psionic score is low. Nagi said that starting from today, they are in OSF together. The two realize that ever since they were young, they wanted to join OSF. Yuito recalls the day his family got killed by the Others and decide that he has to fight against those monsters.

Suddenly, an energy alarm sounded, and the citizens realize that it is that time. Yuito realizes that the Others are about to ruin their special day. The higher-ups sent warriors to counterattack the Others. The cameramen spot the monsters trying to invade the town and warn the higher-ups.  The warrior appears behind those monsters and kills them with a single blow after raising his mighty hand. The higher-up praises the warrior that no one can smash the monster the way he did with a single hit.

Sepretetrion First Class ”Brain Eater” Major General Karen Travers is well-known for smashing the mosnter with a single punch or hit. Karen followed all the beasts trying to run away, and said there is no escape while slashing the beasts into pieces. Major General Sping uses his freezing powers: Cryokinesis to freeze the monsters to death. The ladies cheer Fubuki for showing excellent performance. Later Yuito showed an outstanding performance, and some punks tried to tease him. The young warriors receive praises for their superb performance on the first day.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 2 Release Date

The latest Scarlet Nexus Episode 2 release date is 8 July 2021. Scarlet Nexus is available on Funimation but not in all countries.

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